Updating the default window for view-through conversions

Consumers are constantly on the go, scrolling past ads as they read the news and swiping past them as they browse their favorite apps. Your messages often reach people even when they don’t click. For instance, someone may see your ad for a holiday promotion on a blog during their morning commute and then decide to make purchase later that day. That’s why view-through conversions, or VTCs, are important—they help you understand the impact of your ad impressions on campaign performance.

Starting March 29th, 2017, we’re updating the default window for view-through conversions from 30 days to 1 day. This means only conversions that happen within one day of an ad impression will be reported as VTCs by default. “We've found ad views are more likely to lead to a purchase within 1 day, when our message is fresh in customers’ minds,” says Ben Wainberg, Manager of Display Marketing at Jet.com.

This change applies to new and existing conversion actions that use the default window for VTCs (https://goo.gl/hIHV5t) and doesn’t affect conversion windows for interactions, like clicks and video views (https://goo.gl/6VvjRd). If you want to customize the view-through conversion window, you can still do so under “Conversions” in the Tools tab (https://goo.gl/PKNpln).

Check out our Help Center article to learn more about VTCs (https://goo.gl/YmTkPu).
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