Today, we’re excited to announce the Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool. This tool helps you identify keywords, ad groups or campaigns which play a critical role in driving conversions, but may be undervalued using a last-click attribution model.

Consumers now interact with many different ads before converting.  Most advertisers, however, still measure the success of their online advertising on a last-click basis: giving all credit to the single ad that was clicked right before the conversion. 

We've been working to help advertisers better understand this path to purchase, with products like Search Funnels and Attribution Modeling in GA. 

Use this tool to examine five different attribution models in AdWords to better understand how different bids for undervalued keywords can help you reach customers earlier in the purchase journey, driving even more conversions. 

Learn more from this article in our Help Center: 

We’re working hard on attribution-related features to help you better measure the value of your AdWords advertising. Stay tuned!

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