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Today, we’re excited to announce the Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool. This tool helps you identify keywords, ad groups or campaigns which play a critical role in driving conversions, but may be undervalued using a last-click attribution model.

Consumers now interact with many different ads before converting.  Most advertisers, however, still measure the success of their online advertising on a last-click basis: giving all credit to the single ad that was clicked right before the conversion. 

We've been working to help advertisers better understand this path to purchase, with products like Search Funnels and Attribution Modeling in GA. 

Use this tool to examine five different attribution models in AdWords to better understand how different bids for undervalued keywords can help you reach customers earlier in the purchase journey, driving even more conversions. 

Learn more from this article in our Help Center: 

We’re working hard on attribution-related features to help you better measure the value of your AdWords advertising. Stay tuned!

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Can this take into consideration assist click from other account as well? 
Well, thanks +Google Ads is really useful tool. I will save a lot of time and add value to my service level. 
Hi +Pierre Canel Great question. The Attribution Model actually only considers clicks/activity from within the same Adwords account.

I'm happy to pass along this product suggestion to the relevant teams though! -Andy
That's great only if google wud giv africa pure access

Wow. That's seriously increased granularity on click metrics! Thanks Google!
Indeed +Steve Morozumi  it may raise the granularity on click metrics if/when statistically significant. However, Clicks, Time, Impressions, and the five Attribution models for each of these variables... hum. Would be interresting to evaluate the validity of those models with case studies, observation studies, tracking studies, etc. How statistically significant are the results for small budgets versus large budgets, target audiences more or less susceptible to deactivate the cookies, etc.? Before implementing with our small and medium-size businesses (schools, tourist operators, etc.), I would question the margins of error, biases, low correlation value, etc. More to the point, has it worked for anybody without teutological errors in their methodology to evaluate success of Campaign A versus B versus C ....
Excellent points +Michel Bonin We'll all have to share insights as we test these new tools! Thanks much for your comment! Have a great weekend!
+Pierre Canel +Google Ads - To clarify, these models can account for assists across multiple accounts if they are under the same My Client Center account.
+Michel Bonin - Yes, please definitely don't take any these models as golden truth without conducting your own independent validation.  Our hope is that these models will provide additional optimization signals that may be useful beyond the other conversion metrics generally available throughout AdWords, especially for evaluating keywords and creatives that may contribute to branding effects beyond pure short-term direct response.
+Asim K - Assist Clicks and Impressions report is the closest to "Conversions (1-per-click)" today, since they (1) count conversions by when the attributed impression happens and (2) deduplicate to the number of attributed impressions or clicks.  That said, feedback noted. :)
This is quite an interesting feature for Analytics. Several companies, including our own have worked to develop an internal attribution model a few months ago and started testing changes to our bids based on position-based attribution. 
However, this method is much simpler and more visual so I think more people will be inclined to use it.

Word to the wise,  in the GA back-end you may get the option to view this attribution for the entire account ... which gives completely false information with respect to 'spend' in my experience, only the Adwords attribution seems on point. Maybe this data will improve over time though.
+Kash Ismail Thanks for your word to the wise! I think if a consultant with an Adwords client, or a company has Adwords + Analytics, both the conversions metrics, and attribution data is better read through just Adwords, not both, and not through Analytics. I think many people get confused on this point as it is not made abundantly clear by Google. Have a great week! :)
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