Changes to Conversion Columns

AdWords conversion tracking [] columns are being re-designed so they are more intuitive, giving you more control over the data they show []. Starting mid-October 2015, you'll be able to use the “Optimization” setting for each of your conversion actions to determine whether their data should be included in “Conversions.” This added customization lets you prioritize the conversion actions that are most meaningful for your business. 

As part of these improvements, the “Conv. (opt.)” column will be removed since its data will now appear in the updated “Conversions” column. These changes create the foundation for advertisers to bid to new conversion types and attribution models, two of our priority areas based on customer insights and feedback.

And finally, we are introducing an “All conversions” column. Here, you'll see all your conversions that were previously part of “Estimated total conversions,” including “Cross-device conversions,” store visits and any conversion actions you’ve created, regardless of their Optimization setting. Learn more []

As before, you can select whether to count only one conversion or every conversion after an ad click for each conversion action. The columns will continue to support segmentation by conversion action and category, as well as the creation of your own custom columns. These controls and new conversion types are not offered for the “Converted clicks” column. If you use “Converted clicks” for bidding or reporting, we recommend you use “Conversions” instead. Learn more [].
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