Earlier this year, we launched a column to identify product status insights in the Products tab for your Shopping campaigns (http://goo.gl/M0xfnS). Today, we’re adding more to the Products tab to show policy details on why your products are disapproved or inactive.

After adding the “product status” column in the Products tab, an icon will appear highlighted to the right of the status text. Click the icon to find the reasons why the specific product is unable to serve.

Disapprovals can impact the success of your campaign. Identify which of your top products are disapproved or inactive, and see how you can resolve the issue as soon as possible:
+ Add the Shopping column “Product status” and the column “Conversions” in the Products tab of your Shopping campaign
+ See your top selling products by sorting on the conversions column
+ See which top selling products are disapproved or invalid, then use the policy details to see the reason and how to resolve the issue by clicking on the 'How to fix' link

For more information on how you can use additional columns to troubleshoot your product status, visit our help center: https://goo.gl/o09uTx
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