Practical tips to make your G+ business page work for you

"1M Google+ business pages were created in the first 2 months after launch.
Google+ is the next generation of Google.. By adding social a social layer, advertising can be better across the whole web." Here are some practical tips the Google+ team gave on how to make G+ work for you:

1. Measurement: Just launched social reports in Google Analytics. Now track conversions and tie real dollar amounts to your social marketing
2. Ripples: You can see how other people pick up a post and share it across the web and identify your biggest influencers
3. Hangouts: Avoid dead air when you’re doing a hangout. Have some "talkshow" cards handy and make sure you do a dry run before you’re live!
4. Hangouts: Find a wired connection for a smoother Hangout experience
5. Create magic moments: +Cadbury UK actually made their official scrapbook pictures from screenshots of people who popped into their hangout to the delight of their customers.

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