Simplifying the Search Funnels columns in AdWords

In AdWords, Search Funnels [] show you how users search for your products before converting. When you enable Search Funnels columns in the Campaigns tab, you can see how often a particular keyword, like “nyc hotels,” assists conversions that eventually happen through other, more specific keywords, like “3 star hotels manhattan.”

AdWords currently offers two kinds of Search Funnels columns which are closely related: "Assist Clicks" and "Click-Assisted Conversions”. Many advertisers have shared feedback that the difference between these 2 kinds of columns is not very clear. 

That’s why we’re simplifying Search Funnels by removing the following 4 Search Funnels columns (in early April):
+Assist Clicks
+Assist Impressions
+Assist Clicks / Last Clicks
+Assist Impressions / Last Clicks

If you’re using any of these columns, we recommend that you switch to the Click-Assisted Conversions columns (instead of Assist Clicks). From an optimization perspective, the Click-Assisted Conversions columns are more relevant: it's more useful to know how many conversions were assisted by a particular keyword, rather than to know how often a particular keyword appeared on any conversion path.

We're making this change in all places where Assist Clicks appear:
+In the Campaigns tab, where we'll remove 4 of the 10 Search Funnels columns.
+In the AdWords API, where we'll remove the same metrics as in the Campaigns tab.
+In Search Funnels, where we'll remove the Assist Clicks and Impressions report.

We hope this change makes the valuable Search Funnels metrics easier to use.
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