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Visual improvements to AdWords

AdWords might look a little different today. We’ve made some design improvements to AdWords that make it more consistent with other Google products you use for your business, like AdSense and Google Analytics. This is part of a continued effort ( to give AdWords a simpler look and fresher design that helps you navigate through the interface more efficiently, and accomplish your tasks quickly. 

Here's are some of the changes you’ll see in your AdWords account today (also see image below): 

- The left-side navigation bar has been changed from white to gray, and the highlight color is now blue. This creates more distinction between the navigation tools and your campaign data, providing a streamlined navigation experience to help you find what you need quickly and easily. 

- All campaign type icons have been re-designed to help you more easily see the campaign types you’re looking for. You’ll notice more distinct icons for Search, Display, Search Network with Display Select, Shopping, and Video campaigns. 

- Radio buttons and checkboxes have been refined to give a more consistent look and experience with other Google products you use. 

Log into AdWords today to check out the new visual updates, and see how you can navigate even more seamlessly across your accounts. 
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Kinda messed with my columns fitting on my screen.
Bob Yi
i love new navigation style.
Loving the incremental improvements
Hate is not a strong enough word for what you have done for client center navigation.  There was no need to change this.  I now have every client that a client manager manages mixed together in the Campaigns tab and I have to actually select what client's campaigns I want to see in that view?  That is a completely ridiculous thing to do!  It makes no sense at all why anyone would ever want to see that data that way.  Please put it back the way it was.

I also hate the client center navigation to get out of a client view and into a different view.

This little facelift "fixed" something that didn't need to be fixed.  

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