Introducing distance reports and more flexibility for location extensions

Distance reports and improved targeting for location extensions provide new insights and an easier way to enhance performance around each of your business locations.

Every day, consumers are looking online for local information (  A survey by BIA Kelsey found that “94% of consumers use online heavily for local shopping purposes” (  With this in mind, we’ve been improving location extensions ( to make it even easier for you to help consumers discover and visit your business locations.

— The distance report for location extensions ( provides insight into where your ads with location extensions are most effective. It shows impressions, clicks, and costs for varying distances around your business locations, from 0.7 miles to greater than 40 miles. This data can help inform decisions like whether to set a higher bid for customers within four miles of your business, or a lower bid for customers who are 20 miles away. You can find this report on the Dimensions tab in your account.

— Improved targeting options offer more flexibility for optimizing your targeting and bid adjustments for location extensions. Setting the right radius for your location extension address is now easier. Previously, all location extensions in a campaign used the same target radius. With this update, you can create location extension with different radii for targeting and bidding based on the location of your businesses. Learn more about this option at  

For example: you may notice that users behave differently when they see your ad in Texas vs. New York.
— You can create a location extension target of 10 miles around your businesses in Texas and set a bid adjustment of +10%
— In the same campaign, you can create a location extension target of 5 miles around your businesses in New York, and set a bid adjustment of +20%

To learn more about location extensions, please visit our help center at
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