A better view of ads on Google Maps and Google Maps for Mobile

Recently, we began showing search results for places like restaurants and hotels in a list view below the search box for easier browsing. Today, we're extending this experience to ads on Google Maps and Google Maps for Mobile to make it faster and easier for users to view and connect with the businesses that are most relevant to them.

The new view will continue to show information from ad extensions for eligible ads. If you include a phone number for your ads using call extensions (http://goo.gl/ye10gg) or locations extensions (http://goo.gl/kBnVzg), your customers can see the option to call you directly from your ad. Location extensions allow your ads to show additional data like ratings, store hours, and the Street View image of your business to help customers to find you. They also offer the unique benefit of enabling your business locations to be highlighted directly on the map with an ad marker that can be expanded to see more information about your business. 

To learn more, please visit our help center at http://goo.gl/hytzaU
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