Updates to ads on Google Maps

For years, customers have been connecting with businesses through ads on Google Maps (http://goo.gl/sPRTf3). Last summer we began piloting a new ads experience on Maps for both users and marketers (http://goo.gl/zr7WbU) and today we’re expanding to make these ads more broadly available. We’re keeping the uncluttered view of the map intact while offering a more attractive way to show relevant business information. 

-Eligible ads can direct users to your website, show your ad extensions including sitelinks, allow users to call or get directions to your business, and more.
-Ads are showcased in two places:  1) Below search results and  2) directly on the map, if you’re using location extensions. http://goo.gl/G29zfb 
-Now, standard CPCs will be charged for ad clicks on the new desktop version of Google Maps. Information about pricing for ads on Google Maps is available in our Help Center. http://goo.gl/Ns6MA1

These updates apply to the desktop version of Google Maps. Information about eligibility, free clicks, and reporting is available in this Help Center article http://goo.gl/Ns6MA1.

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