Most people take more time to decide on a washing machine than on laundry detergent. This creates a challenge for marketers. How long should you wait after an ad click before evaluating campaign performance? Today, we’re introducing “Days to conversion” reporting to help you see the time between ad clicks and conversions.

You can apply the “Days to conversion” segment to your AdWords report to see the number of days it takes people to convert after clicking your ad, for all clicks during the selected date range. For example, you might see that 90% of purchases for your washing machine campaigns usually happen 14 days after a click. With that insight in mind, you may want to wait 14 days to get a more complete picture of performance before adjusting bids.

You can also use this data to help inform your promotion calendar. For example, let’s say you notice that most of your customers click on your beachwear ads in May, but don’t convert until your summer sale in June. You can use this information to adjust the start date and duration of future summer promotions to maximize sales.

The “Days to conversion” segment is available in both the current and new AdWords experience ( Learn more in the AdWords Help Center
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