Focus AdWords bid automation on your most valuable conversions

Today, we’re excited to announce a new conversion setting, rolling out over the coming weeks, that gives you the flexibility to choose which specific conversions to include in bid automation.  

AdWords automated bidding uses powerful auction-time signals to drive more conversions that matter to your business-whether those are used car quotes or online purchases of a new auto radiator.
Over the past year, we’ve launched new automated bidding tools like flexible bid strategies and Target ROAS to help you improve efficiency while saving you time. 

Now you can count all the conversions that AdWords ads drive for your business (leads, sales, email sign-ups, etc.), while keeping bid automation focused on driving only the most important conversions.  For example, Mark's Cars can use conversion tracking to measure the number of used car quote requests driven by his ads, and can now set up his bid automation to only optimize for clicks that drive sales and inbound calls-the conversions that matter most to his business. Learn more here

Your Conversions column will still report the total number of conversions.  The new Conversions (Optimization) columns give you insight into how your ads are driving the conversions you’ve told us matter most to you.

Customers may visit your website for many reasons other than buying something. They might visit to find more information, explore similar products, or sign up for a mailing list. This new setting makes it easy to focus your bid automation on the most valuable conversions while still gathering insights on all of the activities driven by your ads. 
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