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New conversion statistics and device-specific insights in the top movers report

Today we’re announcing improvements to the top movers report (  including top movers for conversions and device-specific insights. 

First, you’ll see statistics for conversions along with the current ones for cost and clicks. The addition of conversion statistics to this report can help you better locate and understand movements in your key ROI metrics. For example, a recent change made to one of your landing pages may have disproportionately impacted the conversion rate for one or more of your ad groups. With conversions in the top movers report, it will be easy for you to identify those ad groups so you can quickly address them.  

Starting today, you’ll also be able to view device-specific insights. With this data, you can: 
1) See if a particular device is the main driver of a change. If there is a big drop in conversions, for example, you can now see whether that drop was consistent across devices, so you can see if a specific device was the primary driver of that change.
2) Identify instances where big movements for devices get hidden in stable-looking totals. For example, one of your campaigns may have had a large increase in conversions on mobile devices, and at the same time, had a similar decrease in conversions on desktop devices. The top movers report surfaces these kinds of changes that you might otherwise miss, helping you make more informed choices about bid adjustments and targeting. 

 You can find the top movers report under Campaigns. Navigate to the ‘Dimensions tab, click the ‘View’ drop-down menu, and select ‘Top Movers.’ As a reminder, this report helps you identify which campaigns and ad groups have experienced the largest changes over a period of time, and which updates may have contributed to those changes.

The conversion statistics and device-specific insights we’ve added today will make it even easier for you to quickly identify significant changes across your account. We hope this allows you to spend more time making adjustments to improve account performance. 

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Wonderful news. Love the Top Movers report.
I am starting to get more and more useful information from this report. Now, if only the conversion data for the report compiled quicker! 
Sure +Neni Pogarcic  - The Top Movers report shows you data complied from your account on the top increases and decreases in your account. And best of all, it offers that information with several ways to segment the data.

However, the conversion data for the report does not compile and display as quickly as the rest of the report elements. So conversion data seems to be a solid 7-10 days behind.  Like right now, I can only see conversion data up to February 10th for my Top Movers report. 11 days ago :(
+Joseph Ned It's high on our list of to dos.  Really glad to hear that you're getting more and more use out of the report though.  Please keep the feedback coming :)
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