Spread holiday cheer with more structured snippets
In August, we introduced structured snippet extensions [http://goo.gl/Gv5bu7], additional structured information that shows below your ad, giving people a better sense of the content on your website before they click. For example, if you’re a retailer, you might list your top clothing brands. If you’re a hotel, you might highlight popular amenities. This relevant information makes your search ads more helpful in the moments that matter [https://goo.gl/xNZZ4s] to your customers. In fact, over the past several months, advertisers large and small have seen strong performance using structured snippets.

“Structured snippets allows us to add an additional layer of detail into our ads that we had struggled to include previously. We’ve been able to maintain our core message within our text ads and pull through additional product features, styles, and types as secondary information. Using this extension for several different product types within our portfolio: mobile, SIM, and mobile broadband, we saw an increase in CTR of up to 100% across those campaigns.” – Christopher Pearce, Search Lead at Vodafone UK

To help highlight additional aspects of the products and services you offer, we’re introducing a second line of structured information that can show with your text ads. Now if you select two predefined “Headers” and define two lists of customized values, they can both show with your ads at the same time -- whether that’s a combination of styles and brands or destinations and featured hotels. For example, if you’re a retailer that offers window treatments, you might create one structured snippet for the most popular shutter styles and another for the services you offer.

Note that each structured snippet extension enters the ad auction individually and may show based on a number of factors [https://goo.gl/xNkJbO]. Like other ad extensions [https://goo.gl/6tu9Q], structured snippets aren’t always eligible to show together, however, the more you provide, the better the auction is at selecting the best combination of extensions to help improve ad performance. You can learn more about setting up structured snippets in the AdWords Help Center [https://goo.gl/j3QF6r].
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