Bringing Better Performance to Rich Media on Chrome

Video and interactive media bring consumers rich, engaging experiences on the web--but they can also impact browser speed and battery life. A few months ago, Chrome introduced a setting ( designed to increase page-load speed and reduce power consumption by pausing certain plugin content, including many Flash ads. As soon as September (, this setting will be turned on by default so Chrome users can enjoy faster performance and view more content before charging their batteries.

Over the last few years, we’ve added tools ( to encourage advertisers to use HTML5 ( so they’re able to reach the widest possible audience across screens. AdWords advertisers who currently use Flash ads in their campaigns have three easy ways to navigate the transition, ensuring their creative can reach Chrome users: 

1. Let AdWords automatically convert Flash to HTML5 for you

Eligible Flash campaigns (, both existing and new, are now automatically converted to HTML5 when uploaded through AdWords, AdWords Editor, and many 3rd party tools. This is one of several tools we’ve rolled out in the past few months. 

The vast majority of Flash campaigns will be eligible for automatic conversion to HTML5 by September 1st. Test whether AdWords can convert your ads using this tool ( 

2. Create HTML5 ads easily with Google

Google has several free tools you can use to build new HTML5 ads:

+AdWords Ad gallery: Create a Lightbox ad ( from existing HTML5 templates. You can also get custom ad ideas based on your website’s content and style (  
+Google Web Designer: Download ( our free, professional-grade HTML5 authoring tool to build ads for uploading ( to your Google Display Network campaigns.
+DoubleClick Studio: Browse a variety of HTML5 templates and build your own ads using our template database ( Learn more:

3. Upload your own HTML5 ads

Soon, you’ll be able to upload HTML5 ads directly into AdWords. 

Whichever tool you choose, we recommend you take advantage of our best practices ( for building compelling display ads so you can reach prospective customers across all the browsers and devices they use. 
Rich Media Gallery | HTML5
Rich Media Gallery | HTML5
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