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Cleaner, unified design for notifications and alerts in AdWords  

Advertisers have shared the importance of getting timely information about critical issues, as well as suggestions for improvement or key new features directly in their AdWords account. We believe there should be a simpler way to focus on what’s important in your account, while still maintaining easy and quick access to your campaigns.

Earlier this month, we started rolling out a more streamlined experience to our notifications and alerts system in AdWords. The new, cohesive design makes it easier for advertisers to see critical information quickly, and without clutter, 
prioritize alerts and suggestions, so you can focus on what’s most important in your account, and see all of these messages in a single place, so you always know where to find important notifications - wherever you are in your account. 

In the past, you may have noticed various styles used to display notifications in your AdWords account, depending on the type of message. 

Now, your notifications are cleanly available in one place by clicking on the notification bell icon. The most critical alerts are still surfaced to you in a red bar at the top of your account, or with a yellow bubble icon previewing titles of important messages for you.  

This is an important first step to clean up and prioritize how you see notifications in AdWords. We look forward to further refining the prioritization of your alerts so you can continue to see the most important notifications quickly, and easily in your account.  Check out the new design in your AdWords account today
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Yes fix this. That red bar is distracting 
The notifications were they are placed makes no sense. Please consider a design change. It covers up the date range for one.
I absolutely love adwords. By far the best tool on the Internet for helping people find my clients sites and actually convert into sales. I have been using Google since 2006, and I love it!!! I am sad to say it has gotten a little expensive and clients are less likely to move forward because of pricing . I would love to have a personal chat with anyone on the adwords team about how I can help them and provide better pricing. I sincerely appreciate all that adwords does.

+Kambiz Sayari Our support team would be happy to discuss account performance with you. Please feel free to give us a call at your earliest convenience. Contact info here: -Dan
I like the new design, took me a while to find the billing section, but found it in the end
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