Earlier this year we introduced campaign drafts and experiments https://goo.gl/Xr1VLh as a powerful way to test changes to your AdWords campaigns, measure results, and apply the experiments that are working well for your business. Campaign drafts and experiments gives new features and additional flexibility that aren’t available in AdWords Campaign Experiements (ACE) [https://goo.gl/EAfpp]. To help ensure marketers use the best tool for their testing needs, we’re transitioning all advertisers to campaign drafts and experiments.

Starting the week of October 17th, 2016, new Campaign Experiments can no longer be created. Active Campaign Experiments will continue to run until February 1st, 2017. After this date, all Campaign Experiments will automatically end and all unapplied experimental changes will be removed. To prepare for this update, we recommend you end any active Campaign Experiments before February 2017 and start using campaign drafts and experiments.

You can learn more about campaign drafts and experiments in the AdWords Help Center https://goo.gl/Xr1VLh.
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