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A new way to count conversions in AdWords

We’ve been working hard on building products and features that help you better understand the value you’re getting from AdWords. With estimated cross-device conversions and cross-account conversion tracking, you’re able to more accurately measure conversions in AdWords and better understand the complex path to purchase.

Today, we’re excited to launch flexible conversion counting. 

Flexible conversion counting  is an improved way for you to count conversions that really matter to you. Now you can better measure the value of each click that turns into business results.

Read more information about flexible conversion counting in the Inside Adwords Blog
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Can't we do the same by filtering visits from adwords with conversions only and looking on the number of unique visits?
What about if I import conversions from GA - can I still change the way conversions are counted? (it doesn´t seem so in my accounts..)
+David Stockelberg You're right, it's not currently available. But don't worry, we're working to roll GA conversions into this feature in the coming weeks! Keep an eye out for it. #askadwords -Dan
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