We're excited to announce that all of our newest AdWords conversion settings, like Flexible conversion counting [http://goo.gl/aQRQm4], Customized conversion window [http://goo.gl/aEsAZh] and Editable conversion values [http://goo.gl/dvcQNU] are now available for the goals and transactions that you import from Google Analytics into AdWords. This change offers 3 key benefits for advertisers:

Set up specific conversion windows for all of your marketing objectives. You can now customize your conversion windows, from 7 to 90 days, for all imported goals and transactions from Google Analytics.  For example, you might choose a 90-day window for conversions that require a long consideration cycle, like buying a car, and the 30-day default option for quicker purchases like books or clothes. 

Customize how different conversion actions are counted.  Flexible conversion counting [http://goo.gl/puyOzE] let’s you count conversions according to your business needs.  For any conversion action, you can choose to count all conversions that happen after a click, or only unique conversions that happen after a click.  You can now apply this flexibility to conversions imported from Google Analytics.  For example, you can count several leads (e.g., downloads of a catalog) as 1 conversion and all of your sales as separate conversions.

Specify  conversion values based on marketing objectives.  Sometimes conversion data is used differently within an organization.  A webmaster may be using Google Analytics conversion data to optimize the website experience, while an SEM manager may use it to optimize ad campaigns.  With today’s update, you can set different values for the goals and transactions that you import into AdWords without making a change to those same values that you’ve set up in Google Analytics.

The updates announced today will not affect how your numbers are reported in Google Analytics.   However, keep in mind that Google Analytics and AdWords may report conversions in slightly different ways. [http://goo.gl/mBlN96

Give these new conversion settings a try! Check out this article in our Help Center [http://goo.gl/izzfeb] for more tips and insights as you get started with these new updates.
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