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Replacing “delete” with “remove” in the AdWords interface

In approximately two weeks, we’ll be updating AdWords to replace most instances of the word "Delete" with “Remove.” For example, you will “Remove” a campaign rather than “Delete” it. As part of this change, downloaded reports will also have their “Status” column values updated to show “Removed” instead of “Deleted.” If you use spreadsheet macros or other scripting languages on these downloaded reports, we recommend you update them by July 21st, 2014 to to reflect this change. 

This change is designed to help advertisers better understand that removed objects are still available for future reference. For example, you can report on a removed campaign's historical performance.
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That's a good idea - better UI, for sure. Many times, I've been happy that my ad groups hadn't actually been deleted... rather, just removed. #adwords  
Good idea thanks adward 
I don't see the sense in switching deactivated campaigns to delete or remove... simply just pause it?
I often use delete to get large accounts with many campaigns out of all default views. For example, in automated rules, pausing "enabled" campaigns will then lump those into "paused" campaigns. When re-enabling via rules you then can not target "paused" campaigns since it would grab old/unused paused campaigns. Deleting those paused campaigns resolves this. 
About the need to "Delete" or now "Remove" something... in the past I have seen cases where advertisers got into trouble for having ads that violated product policies even long after they stopped advertising those products. The issue was that they had paused the items which to Google indicated they might at some point be unpaused. So if you're really done with something, be safe and remove it. If you might want to restore it at some point, then pause it.

Also keep in mind that the new wording is a small change but will break automated workflows. I know a lot of advertisers upload their reports into a database. Now that data will say "Removed" rather than "Deleted" so any automated workflows that rely on this data may break...
I dont think its the most usefull change, that should be done on the Adwords interface. For example the "All online campaign" never shows all online campaign, since the video campaigns data is "hidden". 
This way we cant see the costs and cliks all campaign together :(
+Laci Várkondi Thanks for the feedback, Laci! I'll pass it along for you today. Please reach out to us anytime. -Dan
+Google Ads will API change to reflect this or will that functionality remain the same? Or future deprecation?
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makes sense to me, Ive had very old adwords accounts suspended because they had a clients old ad paused. the update brings the feature more inline with the real term.
Now  if only +Google Ads  #adwords  could  fix the interface when adding keywords from the search query report. Right now there´s this annoying 25 character limited input boxes where you can only see the first 25 characters of each query you´re about to add as keywords.
Extremely annoying when you´re about to add multiple queries as keywords you carefully selected and want to review them before finally adding them as keywords. Please fix this! ( Especially when we all know AdWords Editor is about to be sunset and everything will be done in the cloud soon). Honestly, I can´t seem to understand why this issue never has been resolved, especially when AdWords is mostly keyword-centric. This has been the case for ages. 
I´d say, get rid of that annoying , childish M$ office paperclip ´Bell´ clone and get that engineer working on an actual product enhancement/ bugfix instead.
An #update  would be much appreciated, +Google Ads 
+Michael Colart Thanks so much for passing along your feedback. I'm circling this back to our product team today so it's on their radar. Please reach out anytime! -Dan
+Google Ads - Dan Thanks for considering!
I´m sure this would be a major enhancement in work flow. Additionally, I would as well suggest a simple option to choose/indicate the match type for each query you´d want to add as keywords (maybe just a small check box with the 4 match type options), so when you´re working in bulk it would be a lot easier to preserve structure and less prone for errors. Also, when you´ve accidentally added some queries as negatives when thhey´re already present as keywords ( or the other way round), currently is shows ´excluded´as well as ´added´. A quick check/confirmation/ info popup/box warning you that that is the case would prevent those things from happening. (or the ability to sort newly added keywords and/or negatives by date added).  


+Laci Várkondi Hi Laci, hope you are doing well! Just wanted to follow up here and let you know that we've just updated our platform to include video campaigns in the regular campaign area. More here: Thanks again for your feedback on this topic! -Kelly
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