Revamped workflow makes it easier to set up automated bidding

Bidding is a critical part of running successful AdWords campaigns to make sure you’re investing correctly in the keywords or areas that drive revenue for your business. Advertisers have seen great results improving conversions and ROI by using automated bidding [] to optimize bids efficiently and precisely for every auction []. Over the next few weeks, to make it easier to set up the bid strategy that aligns best with your performance goals, we’ll be rolling out the ability to create or add items to portfolio bid strategies directly in your campaign settings without any separate trips to the Shared Library []. The new workflow also provides clear definitions for each strategy to help you choose the right one.

Along with the new workflow, we’re renaming some of our bid strategy types to make them more intuitive. “Flexible bid strategies” will now be known as “portfolio bid strategies” to better describe their ability to group together multiple campaigns, ad groups, and keywords into a single strategy. We are also renaming “Conversion Optimizer” to “Target CPA” [] for newly created bid strategies since they offer the same bidding functionality to help you optimize for conversions. You can continue to apply Target CPA to a single campaign as a “standard” bid strategy or across several campaigns, ad groups and keywords as a “portfolio” strategy.

Last but not least, we’re enhancing the portfolio version of Target CPA bidding to allow you to set different CPA goals for individual ad groups. For example, if you’re a clothing retailer with multiple “Accessories” ad groups in a bidding portfolio, you may want to set a lower CPA target for “Socks” compared to other product categories with higher average order value.

To learn more, visit the Help Center [] and check out best practices to help you get the most out of your automated bidding []. For more details on Google’s unique, auction-time bidding technology, read our guides for search [] and display automated bidding [].
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