Take your ads to new heights with AdBirds

We’re excited to share a new ad format launching today: AdBirds. With AdBirds, you can take your ads to new heights by letting them literally soar through the skies. That's right: ads on birds. 

You’ll simply choose your text for beak, wings, and tail feathers. When you click our “make it fly” button, our amazing operations team dashes to the aviary, selects an available bird, and sends it into the skies.

“That sounds great,” you might say, “but what if I have a particular kind of bird in mind?” Well, we’ve got you covered with a gaggle of amazing options:
- Sparrow: small and efficient
- Duck: flexible air-to-water reach
- Owl: great for those with nocturnal business hours
- Pigeon: for broad reach in dense cities (cleanliness not guaranteed)
- Eagle: for your most majestic ads (higher bids may apply)
- Penguin: limited reach, since they can’t fly

Get started today by logging into your AdWords account. Thanks for flying with AdBirds!
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