Maximize performance with more engaging text ads on the GDN
Text ads on the Google Display Network (GDN) provide advertisers with tremendous reach and performance. Whether it’s a standard text ad, rich media text ad, or native text ad, [] AdWords automatically selects the best performing text ad format to show based on a number of factors, including historical performance and placement. On average, those advertisers who actively manage both image ads and text ads, see 40% more conversions^ -- without increasing their cost-per-acquisition (CPA) -- compared to advertisers who only manage image ads.

To help Display advertisers deliver even better results with text ads, AdWords will now dynamically format and polish text ads to maximize reach and performance on the GDN. For example, the system will automatically insert your logo into a rich media text ad, format the colors of the ad to match your logo, and adjust your ad text to fit seamlessly. Using Google’s machine learning technology, these enhanced text ads are then tested, and show when they’re expected to perform better than your other text ad formats.

Xero, an accounting software company, began using text ads along with image ads to drive new account signups on the GDN. Since their text ads can automatically show in three different formats, depending on expected performance, their text ads now drive 63% of all new account signups in their US Display campaigns.

^ Source: Google internal data, based on a sample of GDN advertisers who spend more than 20% of total GDN budget on text ads and actively manage both text and image ads.
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