Custom columns now supports custom formulas

Custom columns [] lets you easily create and view segmented columns for the metrics you want to see in AdWords. To make custom columns more useful for your business needs and save you time, you’ll soon be able to do quick computations like addition, subtraction and multiplication -- right from your AdWords custom columns.

Now when you create custom columns, in addition to specifying custom segmentations for your metrics, you can apply formulas for those metrics. For example, to see the percentage of clicks you get from mobile devices, create a custom column that divides mobile clicks by total clicks. Or let's say you’re a shoe retailer and enjoy a 40% profit margin for each pair of shoes you sell. To understand your total profit for each sale, ensure your conversion value column tracks revenue. Then, create a custom column that multiplies conversion value by 40% and call it “Estimated Profit.” As always, you can still sort, chart, filter and download your custom columns, as well as include them in reports and automated rules.

We’re excited to hear how you’ll use formulas within custom columns. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

To learn more about custom columns, visit the AdWords Help Center:
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