Introducing notifications and streamlined user management for manager accounts

If you manage multiple AdWords accounts, monitoring status and managing who can access which account can be a challenge. To make your life easier, we’re introducing notifications and “Administrative Owner” access for manager accounts (formerly known as MCC).

With manager account notifications, you can now quickly identify, prioritize, and take action on alerts and opportunities from across your managed accounts in one place. Alerts for accounts with the same issue type are grouped together, making it easy for you to simultaneously tackle issues that affect multiple accounts. Learn more about manager account notifications:

Managed accounts can now give “Administrative Owner” access to manager accounts. With “Administrative Owner” access, a manager account can easily add, remove, and change access levels for users in the managed account at any time. Note that a manager account will automatically receive “Administrative Owner” access for any managed account that’s created underneath it. Learn more about “Administrative Owner” access:
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