Save time with multiple account access and management

Managing and accessing multiple AdWords accounts can be challenging and time consuming. That’s why we’re introducing new features that improve multi-account management. You can now access multiple accounts with a single login, quickly switch between accounts, and invite new users.

Use one email for multiple accounts

We've simplified the way you manage multiple accounts so you don't have to remember multiple emails and passwords. Instead of having to create and remember login information for each of your accounts, you can now associate up to 5 AdWords accounts (including manager accounts) to a single email address. Learn more about associating multi-accounts

For users managing more than 5 accounts, and those who want to monitor performance or track conversions across accounts, we recommend using manager accounts

Share account access in a snap

Inviting new users to access your account is now faster and more intuitive. With a single click, you can add users to your account. Once your colleagues receive your invitation, they can start accessing your account right away -- no email confirmation required. Learn more about inviting new users

Navigate seamlessly between accounts

If you have multiple businesses with separate AdWords accounts, you now have easy access all your accounts from the account switcher. Simply link the email addresses associated with each account using the “Add Account” button.

Privacy and security are always top of mind. So even you can now navigate between multiple AdWords accounts with a single login, account data and settings will remain separate. Keep in mind that account names are visible ( to any client or manager account user who has access to them. Learn more about account selector
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