Dynamically customize your ads for locations using ad customizers 

Today, we are announcing an enhancement to ad customizers - you can now customize your ad text based on where people are searching for your business. Learn more: https://goo.gl/xowg9r.

We introduced ad customizers: http://goo.gl/wnpsq8 last year to help advertisers show relevant ads to customers, in real-time, even when you have thousands (and sometimes millions) of products, services, and promotions—all changing by the hour. With ad customizers, you can dynamically insert relevant information into your text ads, based on information you upload via a feed to AdWords. For example, a retailer can automatically show how many hours are left in their time-sensitive promotion, an airline can show the number of flights still available on a given day, and a restaurant can dynamically share special discounts for unique days of the week with their customers. 

Here are a just a few ways you can use location in ad customizers to help you connect your customers with the information they’re searching for: 

+Share your most up-to-date inventory, store hours and location so customers can quickly take action in the moment 
+Show unique shipping times for specific regions to help customers decide when to purchase a needed item in time
+Highlight specific discounts, promotions, or events for each of your locations so customers can take advantage of offerings in their area

Ad customizers lets you create more relevant ad text at scale so your customers can get the most up to date and helpful information about your business, wherever they're searching. To learn how to set up location in ad customizers, check out our Help Center: https://goo.gl/mGty9V
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