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Announcing location extensions for manufacturers

Three quarters of consumers who conduct a local search on their phones visit the store within a day ( That’s why it’s critical to show up in those “I-want-to-go” moments when people are looking for nearby places (

We introduced location extensions ( in 2009 to help advertisers promote and drive more foot traffic to their business locations directly from search ads. We are now launching affiliate location extensions to help manufacturers drive customers to third-party U.S. retail locations that sell their products ( This will be rolling out to advertisers over the next two weeks.

For example, if you’re an electronics manufacturer, you can use affiliate location extensions to help someone searching for a new TV find the nearest retail chains where they can buy your product.

You can easily set up affiliate location extensions in AdWords - just choose the new “Affiliate location extensions” option in the Ad extensions tab, select the retail chains where your products are sold, and we’ll take care of the rest. There is no need to link to a Google My Business account. Some advertisers may also be eligible for store visits data to help measure the impact of your campaigns on offline store activity ( Talk to your account team to learn more.

By promoting retail locations in your search ads, you can make them more actionable and give consumers relevant local information to drive store visits and sales. To learn more about affiliate location extensions, visit our Help Center ( and read best practices ( for turning online searches into offline sales.
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My text links on the SERP (using the Google search bar widgets, I have to use chrome for it to work!) don't open on the Nexus 6 after nougat update???
Will this be rolling out outside of the US? (UK?)
Hi Dennison, we don't have a timeline in place for that at the moment, but we will post updates once it's launched for more locations. I'll be sure to let the product team know that you're looking forward to using this feature! -Pri
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