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Check out Josh, Lindsay, and Sara as they discuss different strategies to troubleshoot your remarketing campaigns. Remarketing campaigns are a great way to re-engage with people who have visited your site, and these tips will help you ensure that you are set up for success!
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awesome tips & guidance, thanks!
Haven't used G+ much. Is there a way to promote a particular post for a business page like one can do in Facebook?
+Joseph Stutzman Thank you for reaching to us. We're currently exploring this functionality through the +Post Ads beta. Please feel free to submit your interest here to determine eligibility: -Dan
I've had an alert inside my GA that the site qualifies for remarketing, I find it unclear though whether we are obliged to have an adsense account and create ad units? Or can we just change the tracking code and activate remarketing without necessarily having ads on our site? We don't want to have advertising on the site at this point.
+Tania Steenkamp Hi Tania, you don't need to have AdSense/ads on your site to create a remarketing list–you can just change the tracking code! Let me know if that's not clear, or if you have other questions. -Bill
Gosh thanks Bill! You have no idea how long I've been looking for a straight answer on this.
No problem! -Bill
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