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Our hands are fast and precise instruments, but so far, we haven’t been able to capture their sensitivity and accuracy in user interfaces. However, there’s a natural vocabulary of hand movements we’ve learned from using familiar tools like smartphones, and Project Soli aims to use these motions to control other devices. For example, your hand could become a virtual dial to control volume on a speaker, or a virtual touchpad to browse a map on a smartwatch screen.

To make our hands self-contained interface controls, the team needed a sensor that could capture submillimeter motions of overlapping fingers in 3D space. Radar fits all these requirements, but the necessary equipment was just a little…big.

So the Project Soli team created a gesture radar small enough to fit in a wearable device. It’s a new category of interaction sensor, running at 60GHz; one that can capture motions of your fingers at resolutions and speeds that haven’t been possible before—up to 10,000 frames per second. To get there, the team had to reinterpret traditional radar, which bounces a signal from an object and provides a single return ping. From a hardware and computation perspective, this would have been challenging to recreate on a small scale. So to capture the complexity of hand movements at close range, Soli illuminates the whole hand with a broad radar beam, and estimates the hand configuration by analyzing changes in the returned signal over time.

The team built the first prototype, a 5x5mm piece of silicon, in just 10 months. They’re working on finalizing the development board (prototype) and software API for release to developers later this year. Watch Ivan Poupyrev, Technical Project Lead, talk about the project at I/O here:

You can reach out to the team at if you’d like to get involved. Watch the video to meet the team and learn more.  #ATAP #ProjectSoli 
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+Google ATAP    Sounds like it would have some great vr applications.
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Google ATAP

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Thank you for joining and cheering us on last Friday at #i/o15. The #ATAPGarage might be closed, but you can relive it with us, or check it out for the first time, right here. See you next year! #ATAP #io15 
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+Google ATAP i feeel really dumb after watching this.......I cant even avoid feeling ashamed of calling myself a techie
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The feeling you have when you realize that #io15 is just one night away. We're pumped. Are you? See you in the AM. #sleepwell  #ATAPGarage #gameon
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ive been waiting for it so long i cant even count back ... but i was disspointed since ive been waiting for project ara and there wasnt a single word about ara so far
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Know your pirates. Meet the team that will introduce you to the latest ATAP projects at #io15

Regina Dugan - Engineer-artist. Doer-dreamer. Scientific coach, mentor, taskmaster, technogeek. Caltech PhD in mechanical engineering. CNN Top 10 Thinker. The Verge 50. Former Director of DARPA. Captain of the ATAP pirate ship. Likes epic sh*t.

Mudge - (aka Peiter) Zatko H4X0r. Former leader of ""the L0pht"" and @stake. Original author of L0phtCrack. Former DARPA cyberpunk. Focused on big security in little packages. Second-in-command of ATAP’s pirate ship.

Ivan Poupyrev - Runs with scissors. Engineer-designer-interaction pioneer. Technologies that blend digital and physical interactivity. Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business. Imagineer at Disney; Research at Sony. Serially curious.

Rachid El Guerrab - Gamedev and graphics architect. Art pipelines craftsman, since the early consoles. Loves coffee and self-modifying GPU-friendly code. Tech Project Lead for Spotlight Stories. From an Oscar to a Grammy. A mobile movie theater. A film festival for your pocket.

We'll also have a special guests. Meet us at the #ATAPGarage! #io15
Optimized for speed. Because we are, well, impatient. And someone should be. The engines on Project Ara are revved. We’re on the road to Puerto Rico. Creating the hardware equivalent of the software app ecosystem sometimes feels a little Dakar Rally, sometimes a little Le Mans. Fast. Difficult. Worth it. Speaking of fast… We’ll debut our newest Spotlight Story ‘Fast-and-Furious’ style. Justin Lin’s live action short goes live at I/O. In full 360...
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ATAP, you rock!
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Module developers, this is for you.  

Since DevCon2 in January, at events such as MWC, and others, we’ve seen lots of enthusiasm from Ara module developers. That’s awesome!  

This post is intended to encourage you to reach out to us on if you are ready to commit to having your module(s) available for our market pilot in Puerto Rico later this year. In the next few months, we’d like to work closely with you to maximize the success of your efforts and the pilot.  We are interested in engaging at all different levels, from individual module makers to mobile OEMs developing complete module bundles. 

The Project Ara team here at ATAP remains committed to developing, manufacturing, and distributing the endoskeleton while working with you the module developers to kickstart the Ara module ecosystem. As well, we will continue to provide guidelines and agreements intended to ensure the quality and performance of individual modules made for the Ara ecosystem as a whole.  

In the meantime, we're heads down working on the next design spiral and planning for the market pilot.  We’ve added a few folks to the team that will help us prepare.  You’ll meet them at the next Ara DevCon.  Stay tuned!    
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+Google ATAP So, how's the market pilot at Puerto Rico? 
When the Ara phones gonna be sell worldwide? No updates yet since the DevCons 2.
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The videos from our second #AraDev conference are now live. Enjoy! 
Project Ara Developers Conference 2015 If you missed DevCon2 or just want to re-watch any of the sessions, you can now do so below.
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+Google ATAP Do you cooperate with I mean maybe not in technical part, but ideologically they have really good stuff. About minning, manufacturing and etc. Thing that i know for sure, for idea to success it need to be focused, because fragmentation is the number one enemy of all open projects.
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The +Phonebloks  team travelled to Mountain View and Singapore for #AraDev and made this awesome video! Check it out!
The videos from each session are coming soon. 
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Looking at this, I'm reminded of nothing so much as the "Tom Swift" computer proselytized by Lee Felsenstein and described in Steven Levy's "Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution" - with the idea of an infinitely extendable and hackable hardware platform.
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Meet Project Jacquard, the ATAP project that’s developed an interactive woven textile -- a  textile capable of registering touch and sending signals back to a computing device.  It incorporates a new conductive yarn (one with 100x the conductivity of previous conductive yarns!), uses materials from silk to wool, and has all the physical properties necessary to be woven into textiles using standard manufacturing processes. 

But that was just the beginning. The resulting fabric had to be attached to electronics and apparel designers needed to be able to make complete garments using their standard practices. Using 3D weaving techniques, the team create d an interactive touch panel of these conductive yarns by preserving access and orientation to allow the use of standard electrical connectors. Once integrated into fabric along with a small battery, the connectors can be hooked up to circuits as small as a button on a jacket. Touch that’s registered on the fabric can be sent wirelessly to a computing device, like a phone or tablet. Watch Ivan Poupyrev, Technical Project Lead, talk about the project at I/O here: 

ATAP will partner with apparel designers to advance the technology—their first official partner is +Levi's® which intends to bring a product to market. The ultimate goal is to deliver a platform for developers and the apparel industry that enables digital interactivity in clothing—and maybe other applications down the line.

Interested in learning more and getting involved? Sign up at or email us directly at #ProjectJacquard 
This is possible thanks to new conductive yarns, created in collaboration with our industrial partners. Jacquard yarn structures combine thin, metallic alloys with natural and synthetic yarns like cotton, polyester, or silk, making the yarn strong enough to be woven on any industrial loom.
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Is it possible to contact you via e-mail?
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ATAP's innovation strategy is characterized by ambitious goals, a sense of urgency, and agile project teams that bring together partners and talent from around the world. Project leads come to ATAP for 2 years---to build. So, after two breakneck-paced years and several Ara prototypes later, Paul Eremenko will be moving on to his next adventure. 

Paul will be the founding CEO of a new innovation center in Silicon Valley for the Airbus Group, one of the world’s leading aerospace and defense companies. We wish our fellow pirate fair winds and following seas.

Paul passes the baton to a new, expanded and deeply experienced team of mobile veterans who will scale Ara to our market pilot. We’d like to introduce you to the ATAP team responsible for transition and scale up: 

Rafa Camargo is ATAP’s Technical and Engineering Lead with responsibilities for Project Ara’s hardware and software efforts. He’s led mobile development and launch teams around the world from France to Bejing, and while at Motorola, he led the first Android Platform. He is accustomed to firsts. And to challenges. 

Richard Wooldridge leads Go-To-Market and serves as our transition team’s Chief Operating Officer. Richard led Motorola’s Global Supply Chain and his career has taken him from the UK, to Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, and Texas. Prior to Moto, Richard worked at Nokia and Flextronics. 

Andrew Young joins ATAP’s transition team from parent Google after a long tenure as a Director in Google’s legal department where he led the product and commercial teams for Android, Google Fiber, and Google TV, among others. He is a rare utility player. Lawyer, MBA, and systems engineer.   

Sahil Sharma led the Supply Chain and NPI teams for the Value Business Segment at Motorola, which contributed over 75% of Motorola's smartphone sales worldwide. And Sahil set up Amazon's Kindle fulfillment centre in China, a $2B per year operation.

Andrew Ackermann is from Google's Creative Lab, where he helped develop the brand and marketing materials for Ara and many other Google products. Andrew helped to launch 30 Weeks, a Google-funded incubation-meets-education program that helps designers create startups. He is our transition team’s Creative Director.  

Peter Cho is ATAP’s UX lead for Project Ara. He was VP of Design at Inkling and has had his work exhibited galleries and museums from Beijing to Austria to New York. Peter's design experience has spanned from motion pictures to consumer electronics projects to software.

Cameron Walker was the second member of the finance team at Twitter and designed the strategic revenue deals and upfront advertiser investment programmes, which drove over a third of US ad revenue. He constructed the financial models that supported raising Twitter's $800M capital investment. Cameron will lead business strategy for ATAP’s transition team. 

Welcome to the new team and stay tuned for more updates on Project Ara! 
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Wow that was awesome and also add me
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6 pirates, 6 projects, 1 mobile movie premiere. Get ready as +Regina Dugan is about to open the #ATAPgarage in 20 mins. Catch the latest updates on the projects you know and an introduction to the ones you don't. This session is going to be "Fast-and-Furious". #ATAPGarage #io15  

Join the Channel 1 live stream @ 
Google I/O 2015 brings together developers for an immersive, two-day experience focused on exploring the next generation of technology, mobile and beyond. Join us online or in person May 28-29, 2015. #io15
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I cant wait to have a soli dev kit.
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Hope you are enjoying the long weekend...Google I/O is only 3 days away! We're stoked to share our #ATAP updates with you. You'll get the latest on #GoogleSpotlightStories and #ProjectAra and hear about a few new projects in the ATAP Breakout Session at 9AM on Friday, May 29th. Mark your calendars. Live stream to come.   #ATAPGarage #io15  
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this was Epic !!! 
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Google ATAP

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“Special Forces” Innovation: How DARPA and Google Attack Problems

Regina Dugan is visiting +Columbia Business School, +NYU Stern School of Business, +Wharton School, +Harvard Business School and +Stanford Graduate School of Business to talk to business school students and enlist them in advancing breakthrough innovations. 

The “Special Forces” model of innovation that Regina wrote about in this Harvard Business Review article (link below) has the potential to transform industries and organizations. For DARPA it has yielded more than half a century of disruptive advances -- ARPANet, miniaturized GPS, stealth technologies, UAVs, and material science to name a few. At Google ATAP, the model is proving to yield similar disruptions in the mobile industry. 

“Special Forces” Innovation: How DARPA Attacks Problems  

We invite you to join us:
- March 2, 4:10pm EST: Columbia Business School, BRITE ‘15 Conference 
- March 3, 6:00pm EST: NYU Stern, Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation 
- March 4, 4:30pm EST: UPenn Wharton, Technology Club
- March 5, 10:00am EST: Harvard Business School
- March 9, 12:00pm PST: Stanford Business School, Global Speaker Series 
Artwork: Monika Grzymala, The River, 2012, Handmade cotton rag paper, fishing line and wire, weaving material of local plants Over the past 50 years, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has produced an unparalleled number of breakthroughs. Arguably, it has the longest-standing, most consistent track record of radical invention in history. Its innovations […]
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Hi may i know where and who to contact if I'd like to join ATAP?
I love to tinker with tech ideas and have so far came up with several ideas.
Interestingly many of these ideas are also conceived some time later by companies like Microsoft, Nokia, Apple and Samsung.
Examples: Surface keyboard cover, Nokia Gem phone, and recent patents by Apple (laptop with touch sensitive keyboards) and Samsung (phone screen inserted on a laptop as a second display). 
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