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We are excited to announce a new project from ATAP, something that we have been working quietly on over the past year.

As we walk through our daily lives, we use visual cues to navigate and understand the world around us. We use our eyes to observe the size and shape of objects and rooms, and we learn their position and layout over time almost effortlessly . This awareness of space and motion is fundamental to the way we interact with our environment and each other.  We are physical beings that live in a 3D world. Yet, our mobile devices assume that physical world ends at the boundaries of the screen.

The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.

Our team has been working with universities, research labs, and industrial partners spanning nine countries around the world to harvest research from the last decade of work in robotics and computer vision, concentrating that technology into a unique mobile phone.  Now, we’re ready to put early prototypes into the hands of developers that can imagine the possibilities and help pull those ideas into reality. 

What if you never found yourself lost in a new building again?  What if directions to a new location didn’t stop at the street address? Imagine playing hide-and-seek in your house with your favorite game character. Imagine competing against a friend for control over physical space with your own miniature army.

We hope you will take this journey with us. We believe it will be one worth traveling.  To find out more, and apply for a development kit visit

The future is awesome. Let’s build it together.

-- Johnny Lee, and the ATAP Project Tango team
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Link to Terms of service seems to be broken for me.
Wondering if vibrations at multiple points would be better than sound cues for the visually impaired.
Keep pushing the envelope.  

Some amazing projects coming. Well done.
Looking forward to seeing more!
+Google ATAP This was one of the modules I suggested for Ara! I'm bouncing off the (soon to be mapped) walls right now. Does the prototype have an IP rating/waterproof? Because that would be unbelievably awesome for what I'd use it for.
Would this be accurate enough for an architect/builder to use it to create a floor plan of an existing building? Or I guess at this point we can start to talk about recording of the full building model :)

I would says the precision needed would be about 5 mm or less. Please say yes, because I have been waiting for it for to long :)  This is beyond awesome.
Although you explicitly mention indoor scanning, I'm curious if one could mount this device to the hood of a car and use it to accurately record data-points at local tracks/raceways in Southern California and utilize that data in a 3D programs such as 3DSmax, so that users could import the track(s) into racing simulators such as Assetto Corsa.

It would effectively act like a 3D laser scanner provided I move at a speed it can handle.

This is very cool, you can bet I will be watching this space intently.
A bit short of information, I wonder which flavour of SLAM they went with...
I hope to have a crack at this when I don't need to be incorporated! 
+Max Schumacher atm the hardware is running outside the phone. Glass is much smaller. For now I don't think it's possible to smoothly combine it with Glass
Glass doesn't have the computing power to handle this with the current Omap 4430 CPU, nor the battery life.
Give it...a few years :D
Our lab works with a variety of LiDAR (3D laser scanners) and photogrammetry hardware and software, so I'm interested in testing Tango's geometric and locational accuracy/precision versus what I'm collecting with a TLS. 

+saso badovinac It could potentially have the accuracy necessary to do architectural designs, but it would need to be tested. I'd love that opportunity.

Our lab would love to among the first to test Tango, and I think I have some pretty amazing places to take it...
How much of this 3d data will be sent back to google, nsa or some other american privacy violating agency?
So many future possibilities with this... Mind reeling!
Is this an a (very advanced) extension if the technology used for Spotlight?
r Asker
I am sure it would be of great use to the NSA as well.
Wow! This is going to awesome. Well done for the good job.
Imagine the possibilities using this technology on cars, planes even on drones! Real 3d maps! What if use it on self-driven cars or robots? Lastly,games with world just like it is on earth.Many opportunities!!Congratulations!
Congratulations and it most definitely sounds interesting. The entire move into the home that you and your team are making and it's larger general initiative to bring the power and promise of big data to the masses.

+Dimitris Koulouris
We already have a lot of that technology, this is a device usage like what you see with motion tracking in movies but in real time for different usage.
I'd really like to understand more about the 3D sensor portion. What resolution in x,y, and z? Does it work outdoors? Is this time of flight? How is movidius managing/decoding/improving the raw data? Thanks ATAP!
+Kris Kitchen thanks. I find it highly unlikely that that's the technology being shown here. Do you have access to specific info, or speculating?
Um, so, again, do you have any specific info or is this speculation?

This may well also be in there, but it very unlikely to be the depth sensor delivering the data shown in the poster image of the video attached to this post.
Would you be willing to give me, an average guy that doesn't do much in the way of gaming, why I'd need something like this in my everyday life?
Is this one of the fake ATAP accounts?
Please create a Google´s ATAP web site with all the current projects: Ara, Tango, etc.! +Google ATAP 
Hello! I very glad to see this, i almost cry of joy :)  please I want to get involved in this proyect as developer, can you tell me who I should adress to tell about what I want to do, I work in several proyect of augmented reallity 
Here's hoping you release the Tango dev kit to other countries very soon :-)
I think this idea could become very useful for sculptors who could scan their sculptures and then print them with a 3D printer. Also, you could scan other sculptors` sculptures.
Nice to see Johnny Lee is still innovating some awesome technology.  (I too remember him from his Wii "VR" applications.)  This is great stuff!
Когда поступят в продажу?
I've been recently working on something similar for the university of Bari (Thesis work on Point Clouds and computer vision based on 3D laser camera). I'm really interested on its development. Hope to contribute.
My dream app for this phone:
“OK Google, take my shopping list from Keep and navigate me through this supermarket!“
+Jörg Wagner
I don't know if this already excists elsewhere, but in The Netherlands we have a supermarket called Albert Heijn (AH) and they have an app which does this. It is linked with their website and catalogue, this way it lets you create your shopping list. From this point you select your supermarket and start up the navigation. It will make a route for you and notifies you when you are at a shelf where the products on your list are.

Of course the 3D-mapping from Google goes much further and I am really intersted to see how this will develop into practical use for consumers.
And what batteries are going to power this? The same old ones that struggle to meet the needs of our current phones usages?  
+Giovanni Kruijf
I am in NL quite offen and so I know AH. It completely fits my image of your dynamic country that AH has solved this annoying problem. :)
Can you tell how they manage to locate the phone's position in the shop? I basically thought that up to now there was no reliable solution for indoor navigation.
Impressive. How can I join this project? I'm in Korea.
I can see a LOT of potential with this kind of technology (of course, this is not new plenty of other systems do similar tasks - but not this small/interactive).  How do I go about getting my grubby mits on one of these to start developing applications to make use of it?
Hi, may I also remark that a non-visual aproach of the 3d environment is interesting too? I'm born blind, and I use my sences to find my way: I use a novice form of echo-location techniques (I don't make clicking noices, but use the sounds of the environment, the clicking of my walking shoes, ...) to estimate distances, to determine the form of a room, and sometimes I can avoid obstacles by carefully listening. I also use my nose: the smell of dust or garbage or cleaning products can indicate obstacles or a work in progress (dust can mean they are building or repairing a house), ... I also use tactile information, ... So, please, don't only include visual information within your project. Sincerely,
+labobo All of it, of course.

That being said, all you need to do to disable mapping when/where you don't want it done is fashion a hood of some sort that you can slide into place over the camera. Other than that, it's like Facebook - they can't take anything you aren't willing to give them. Visually, at least.
+Michael musset Nice, now you will know how we live and what we do. 
George Orwell`s dystopia becomes trugh... i have to shred my phone and cancel my google account 
+ede Matt So true, the only safe move in this game is not to play
This is a useless tech for a phone. Just helps. NSA get more data. Google and all these companies are known to work with the nsa and you idiots are cheering for more ball and chain. 
+TacticalTigerBalm and what is the problem about that ? My life is not interested at all for them .... Only the people that have problems are concerning about this ..... .
I am not a developer but a UX Designer, one who also happens to luge - poorly :). I could see a training aspect to this technology. Obviously the track shape does not change so it is easy to map, but overlaying each run with orientation data would be kinda fun...
This is Augmented Reality done right. Such a fantastic start
OMG.  That was very interesting, thanks for the share.
great did you guys really know its possible to change luck ? haha I mean just find and watch this video "Andrew B Cloverfield" and thank me later XD
+shan304 Why so naive and willing to give your privacy and freedom away?
Giving away your privacy and freedom is like saying slavery is ok.
Do you want to be my slave?
See what I did there?
+Wolfguarde Have you heard of remote activation? It is that same tech you use to disable a stolen phone remotely.
+Michael musset


This sort of technology will lead to a surveillance state, legal or not. Which will eventually lead to complete control and restriction of what you can and can't do. You will have no privacy. You will have no freedom to act as you see fit if the people in charge of the technology happen to be corrupt (and, of course, eventually someone in power will be). You will have no autonomy. And that will be the end, because the only people free to lead their own lives will be the ones controlling you.

Conspiracy theory, you say? No. This is capitalism. This is what capitalism was BUILT for. So long as there is competition, someone has to win. And in this competition, information is power.
+labobo Yep. I don't understand its relevance to shutting off the video feed, though... you're doing it with something completely unconnected to the phone itself, so there's essentially nothing that can be done short of physically handling your phone to remove it.

Audio's a whole different matter, but I'm sure someone will work something out at some point.
Can an LLC apply for a development kit or does the entity have to be a C or S Corp.?
+Wolfguarde The cameras could be remotely activated. This is why a free and open source operating system for phones are good.
Android is good but google is slowly destroying it by adding closed source garbage, usage and licensing restrictions.

On that topic google have already destroyed Chrome. Adding bloat. Restarted my browser today and got slapped in the face with a redundant google search box and thumbnails so small I have to put on my glasses to see them.
Of course no customization options, a la Apple and Microsoft. Googles way or use another browser.

It doesn't help that google's Chrome dev team behaves like elitist assholes.
We still do not have bookmark tags for crying out loud!
Actually calling them asshole would be a compliment.

Pretty sure the rest of the people working at google have the same behavior.
The company tend to hire and create the same sort of people.

Google is Evil. Do not trust it.
Posting feedback and bug reports is a waste of time.
+Joe Evans Well if you manage to get in and decide to work on something like that and feel like talking about some ideas don't be shy to contact me, since as you know, God is in the detail ;)
This is fantastic.  I can't wait until it is in my hand!
Because this is exactly what I want. A phone with the ability to map out the best way for a assassin to take me out.
i thought that  Lucius Fox destroyed this after Batman got the Joker...  but seriously, a fascinating project.  
I hoped to find such an app for architecture plans, but with current hardware (no depth sensors, dedicated camera).
Of course it would not be as efficient, not as much real time, might require more views taken, but I think it could achieve quite a good work (even if it created plans that needed manual work afterward to be precised) 
Just a thought, try plugging this device into the sauerbraten game engine for textures etc (Cube 2 is open source, get that community involved)
Hello, you mentioned something about giving opportunities to software developers to develop algorithms and applications on this platform. I would really love to develop computer vision algorithms on this platform. Where can i have the details on this?
absolutely epic stuff did you all know its possible to cheat on luck ? just do a quick searh for this video "Andrew B Cloverfield" and see how easy that is done xD
Kvn lang
This is perfect when you want to rob a place and need to know how it looks like inside , thanks google !
Fuck you and your fucking "moonshots" turning people into slaves. I hope your devices give everyone holding one cancer.
This technology is amazing. The one that we wait for a long time. We are the factory designer, it's so difficult to mapping the existing building or factory, so we can add some equipment or piping line, precisely base on existing condition. We wish, if the tango project can mapping 3D real condition, digitalize and accurately scale, so we can process wit CAD software such as AutoCAD or etc, it's extremely cut the time and cost for design work. Many field of engineering could do more faster and accurate. We are very happy, that your team realize our dream. Thank you very much.
Nilka D
פעם אחרונה כש ניסיתי להשתמש בtango לא מצאתי שם את ישראל. במקום זאת הופיעה פלשתיין.!!!!
Where should we apply to be part of the happy fews using a prototype ?
We do not have a single doubt our world can/will change (I will not use the word "progress") with the advancement of technology in raplexity.
However, we hardly progress morally and ethically in the past century.
I wonder as Google is so wealth off to do/research on such project (if it is not for its own benefit), did a mission to "improve human morality" ever even been a thought!
+Sepilok Fui "However, we hardly progress morally and ethically in the past century."

Absolute nonsense.
+Mike Boyd As a gamer, I'm more curious what this has to do with games.
+Sepilok Fui I don't know what paradise you live, but here in Sweden, only men were allowed to vote 100 years ago. Around 1920 we had equal voting rights for all. Since then we've allowed homosexual marriage and adoption, we have free (as in freedom) rights to abortion and transgender don't need to be sterilised should they choose to switch their own gender.
People of any ethnicity are allowed to marry whomever they wish, and we have the freedom of speech and we're allowed to practise whatever religion we wish.

These changes all occurred in this past century, so I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say that "we've hardly progressed morally or ethically in the past century."
+Dojan5 I think you misunderstood Sepilok Fui. First, it does not appear that he was referring to Sweden particularly but to humanity in general. Most of the things you mentioned - homosexuality, abortion, transgender - are not and never will be considered acceptable ethical choices. They are moral choices, that is, they are an individual's belief about what is right or wrong (and humans can be petty, fickle, and two-faced). By contrast ethical choices stem from external sources like the Bible and other religious or sacred writings. Some of the practices you mentioned are encouraged (gender equality, racial equality), while others are discouraged (depending on the source), but do not mistake your own moral compass as the only moral or ethical compass in existence. 
Is it possible to bring the built 3D model just created with Google phone example to Computer as editable object that you can import to different engines? 
+douglasadams I think that's the idea. You'll be able to scan your environment, and then utilise that data in other applications. E.g. as environmental mapping, or perhaps even modeling.
I'm interested in getting in on this but i cannot find any events related to it. I've just found out about a Meetup kicking off in Timisoara, Romania but it's too late for me to register. Can anyone point me towards an event listing covering this project? Dev Conferences, Meetups, anything that would allow for your regular joe to get involved. Thanks!
Vikas K
This is amazing but why do only developers in US get the opportunity work with the project during initial release and not the rest of the world :(

You did it with Google glasses and now with this :'(
+Vikas K Because to U.S. corporations only U.S. matters.
+Vikas K Why does someone always ask this? It's a U.S. company, of course bleeding edge releases from them are going to be limited to their home country. It's not worth all the extra work that is required to release it in other countries with different laws, languages, technical protocols, and far more expensive shipping. 
I'm pretty sure it's not because Google is anti-world / pro-US as you seem to suggest.  With technology IP, there's always a lot of trade restrictions from and into another country.  That's especially true for high end / novel IP's.  I'm guessing that may be part of the reason why the decision is there.
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