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Announcing the Project Ara MDK v0.10

Today we’re announcing the first release of the Project Ara Module Developers Kit (MDK) v0.10. You can download the release at This is a very early version but our goals are to give the developer community an opportunity to provide feedback and input, and to help us ensure that the final MDK--anticipated at the end of 2014--is elegant, flexible, and complete. 

Next week, we’re hosting the first Project Ara Developers Conference at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. We invite developers to attend in person ( and provide feedback and input on the MDK. An online livestream option is also available. Registration closes tomorrow. Also, we’re kicking off the Project Ara Module Developers forum and mailing list--check it out.

We look forward to your feedback! 

Paul Eremenko, Head, Project Ara
Ara Module Developers. Showing 1-2 of 2 topics. How Crazy Can We Go?!? Garrett Kinsman, 4:52 PM. Welcome, Paul Eremenko, 3:47 PM.
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If only I were a developer ;) very cool though. Can't wait to watch this project unfold.
Excited to see where this goes. Keep up the good work guys.
just downloaded it. exciting!
Would be nice to get my hands on hardware I'd tinker with it so much.
Just realized how dumb my question was... sorry
the  2 problem I see at this moment..
- i'm going to build a prototype but i can't test the module if it works :s ..
- i wanna stack blocks on each other..
providing QWERTY Slide keyboard under the screen. but there is only one connection..
i don't see away to transfer the data from the screen to the QWERTY Slide keyboard module and then in to the Phone.
(it can do that but the keyboard will not work and becomes a dummy)
This is a kind gesture but as +Florijn Terstalsaid without hardware for are we going to test our applications or design modules
Super excited! Full support. This phone will be a game changer. 
Awesome. I can't wait to see the first proto-types! 
+Florijn Terstal "i wanna stack blocks on each other..
providing QWERTY keyboard under the screen. but there is only one connection.."

That's not what I see in the documentation. There are multiple configurations for multiple connectors for the front modules. See p.23 for the front parcelling schemes. Pay specific attention to the F and L-style modules.
+Mike Trieu  I saw that.. well sorry I forgot to say that it will be QWERTY slide keyboard.. that's why I wanna stack it..
a big screen need 3 connections on the phone..
if I use big screen under that screen need to fit my QWERTY slide keyboard. I don't see how that's going to work..
maybe serial data stream or something.. 
dl'ing now, 
have a couple apps we're working on, ,,

pdf scanning and creation, with a huge catalog of available books, technical manuals, papers, etc 

check out the 

iKnow project 
I personally love the google vacuum scanner, i personally love a good percentage of googles ventures, 
what we're trying to do with the iknow project is to provide a digital way for people to socialize and share knowledge, and interest others in a variety of sources of literature, a book club of sorts, google docs meets facebook meets a late night in a pub, 

preserving the written word is essential to our survival, but so is integrating it into a form that can be easily absorbed and taken with you in todays modern fast paced age. 

Initially the starting point was just a few people, a group, and now we're looking into servers and building an app., 

So with that, and with the emergence of low cost high quality technology utilizing your one device rather then a plethora of devices and possibly servo's, microcontrollers and some form of rig to hold it all, and in early concepts would have required either specific or a universal mount for the phone ( or tablet etc )  
Though scanning a whole book would be tedious, we would like it to be far more possible for someone to be able to capture whatever they like easily without a complex rig or set up. 

As i work digitally more hours then i sleep or eat, my access to digital realm is a constant, and though i can't do much a/v production on my phone, it's a different tool and produces somewhat different results it's an incredible and indispensable tool on its own, 
and with the exponential rate technology has and is increasing at, smart phones from china are now packing more then most peoples desktops, i've seen the future> 

and modular accessible technology is that future. 

I also am building an offgrid community in northern ontario with my best friend where we can integrate technology and nature into our lives harmoniously, as harnessing nature is where technology started, 

and i'm an avid tinkerer and body mod enthusiast, so i'm interested in integrating small modular technology into the body as well . 
Ara just officially announced that it sucks and can't deliver any of the coolest stuff it promised. Wayda go Google. Biggest fail ever. For that, you suck on the highest level and have lost truckloads of trust globally by promising big and delivering gimmicky trash. Screw you. 
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