ATAP's innovation strategy is characterized by ambitious goals, a sense of urgency, and agile project teams that bring together partners and talent from around the world. Project leads come to ATAP for 2 years---to build. So, after two breakneck-paced years and several Ara prototypes later, Paul Eremenko will be moving on to his next adventure. 

Paul will be the founding CEO of a new innovation center in Silicon Valley for the Airbus Group, one of the world’s leading aerospace and defense companies. We wish our fellow pirate fair winds and following seas.

Paul passes the baton to a new, expanded and deeply experienced team of mobile veterans who will scale Ara to our market pilot. We’d like to introduce you to the ATAP team responsible for transition and scale up: 

Rafa Camargo is ATAP’s Technical and Engineering Lead with responsibilities for Project Ara’s hardware and software efforts. He’s led mobile development and launch teams around the world from France to Bejing, and while at Motorola, he led the first Android Platform. He is accustomed to firsts. And to challenges. 

Richard Wooldridge leads Go-To-Market and serves as our transition team’s Chief Operating Officer. Richard led Motorola’s Global Supply Chain and his career has taken him from the UK, to Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, and Texas. Prior to Moto, Richard worked at Nokia and Flextronics. 

Andrew Young joins ATAP’s transition team from parent Google after a long tenure as a Director in Google’s legal department where he led the product and commercial teams for Android, Google Fiber, and Google TV, among others. He is a rare utility player. Lawyer, MBA, and systems engineer.   

Sahil Sharma led the Supply Chain and NPI teams for the Value Business Segment at Motorola, which contributed over 75% of Motorola's smartphone sales worldwide. And Sahil set up Amazon's Kindle fulfillment centre in China, a $2B per year operation.

Andrew Ackermann is from Google's Creative Lab, where he helped develop the brand and marketing materials for Ara and many other Google products. Andrew helped to launch 30 Weeks, a Google-funded incubation-meets-education program that helps designers create startups. He is our transition team’s Creative Director.  

Peter Cho is ATAP’s UX lead for Project Ara. He was VP of Design at Inkling and has had his work exhibited galleries and museums from Beijing to Austria to New York. Peter's design experience has spanned from motion pictures to consumer electronics projects to software.

Cameron Walker was the second member of the finance team at Twitter and designed the strategic revenue deals and upfront advertiser investment programmes, which drove over a third of US ad revenue. He constructed the financial models that supported raising Twitter's $800M capital investment. Cameron will lead business strategy for ATAP’s transition team. 

Welcome to the new team and stay tuned for more updates on Project Ara! 
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