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Today, developers excited about Project Tango can start building using the Project Tango Tablet Development Kit. Created in close collaboration with NVIDIA, the development kit includes the new Tegra K1 mobile processor to create a platform designed for computer vision and 3D sensing. You can use the Project Tango Tablet Development Kit to make applications that track full 3-dimensional motion and capture surfaces in the environment.

To learn more about the Project Tango Development Kit, go to

The future is awesome. 
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Trying to debate between pre-ordering this or just getting the TK1 dev board...
I got so excited, rushed to sign up. Too bad the timing and cost don't suit my thesis project. This would have been fantasic
Now if only I could get an Android tablet with those specs. Tegra K1, 4GB RAM and 128GB of storage? Yes please! 
I would like to see an ara module that gives tango features once they're released.
+Charles Eye This will be an android Tablet.  The K1 chip will be included in the Xiaomi MiPad which will have 64gb of storage for 270$  (to be released this summer) 
+Jonathan Lussier I meant a consumer-ready device. As for the MiPad, how much RAM and will there be a 128GB option? 
That is pretty sharp. I wonder if I could put this on top of a remote control car and make a self driving car ;-)
I can see so many great apps coming from this technology!
This is awesome! Looking forward to getting my hands on one of these.

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This is finally Google=HW Hi-tech; had you been ashamed of that before? :)
ps: where is flash????
This is really exciting. We've been building AR apps & prototypes for major automotive brands and are currently using some iBeacon tech and are looking into meshing with kinect and wearables (eg. glass, etc). Signed up as soon as I saw the news. Can't wait!
... Because here at Google, we haven't redefined "creepy" well enough yet. 
Hello guys. I have a question. We want to start creating 3D mapping of all caves in Bulgaria. Can we do that with this solution and will be great if we can schedule Hangout meeting a to talk a little bit about that. I think will be great to have something like that in Google. Thanks in advance. 

Best Regards,
Plamen Petkov
That's great when we can talk more about that?
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this would be great for quality control on components coming off our assembly line, it would speed up process to scan, test, certify them based on 3d scan
wow this is going to be a great product! I would love to have one.
i was so excited when I heard the news Tango Tablet come out soon. I just signed up and hope to get it ASAP.
Is it amazing..... Truly believe that phonetab3D wow...... 
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This will be ground breaking in every industry.  B.I.M as-builts via tango.. yes please, for info on how to buy any electronic gadgets
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