The Project Ara Module Developers Conference is fast approaching, and so is the Spiral 2 prototype hardware and v0.20 release of the Module Developers Kit (MDK). We’re getting excited and hope you are too! So excited in fact, that we wanted to give you a sneak peek at one of the new Spiral 2 PCBs hot off the SMT, and make an announcement about the event.

We’re working hard to make #AraDev accessible globally with multiple event sites (January 14, 2015: Mountain View, CA, Buenos Aires, London, New York. January 21, 2015: Singapore, Bangalore, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo). However we have received messages from many of you that you can’t join us in person, but would still like to participate in the event. We hear you, and that’s why we’re announcing today that we will be livestreaming the events from both the Mountain View and Singapore sites globally for free. Visit us on the day of the event at or sign-up in advance ( to make sure you don’t miss a thing.
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