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As you may have heard, the ATAP team is moving from Motorola to Google.  Next week!
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YAY! ... look forward to the updates. On a bigger note - What is going to happen to spotlight stories? Are they going to be moved into a Google Content Arm? Are they left at Motorola?
Isn't this kinda an obvious choice to merge into Google X? Does renaming the page Google ATAP indicate an intention to remain a completely separate division?
Are you going to have a new mailing address if I want to send you my Ara Prototype?
+Jake Weisz We're actually heading into the Chrome and Android team, which is separate from X. But we love X. And they love us. 
+Google ATAP So... are spotlight stories going universal =). And when can we look forward to some lovable future characters.
Good Luck...Change the world one dent at a time. Hope you remember your friends at Motorola :)
Should we still be using Moto industrial design/branding for our prototypes, or is that now frowned upon?
+Google ATAP Thank you for your response! I'm glad to see you guys staying with Google. I am still saddened by your guys' departure from Motorola and the sale of Motorola to Lenovo. I hope that things only get better under Google. 
So excited for you guys, awesome job!
Please create a Google´s ATAP web site with all the current projects: Ara, Tango, etc.!  +Google ATAP 
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