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I am curious how advanced this is gong to get
+Shannon Durante As advanced as it can get while retaining interested buyers at a sustainable price. Not many would purchase these if they were $3,000.
If these glasses fall within a price I can afford, I will be getting them; no doubt! I already have a community project in mind for them! XD
For lack of a better title, I've named this project: 1,001. (Named after the story of Scheherazade, the story teller of 1,001 nights.)

I love my city! I'm nestled here in Greenville, SC. Known by many as a small island of Yankee in an ocean of the South.

My goal is to capture 1,001 images of my town and neighboring regions; to capture people, places, and things of interest that make Greenville unique and stand out. From the brass mice hidden along our main street, to our local art scene. Our history, our present, and our future. There's more than enough to accomplish 1,001 shots. Along with the images, I'll have a brief description detailing the history of each shot. I've contemplated adding recorded interviews, but that depends on how much extra time I can allocate into this project.

Google may have heard of us before when we were trying to garner attention for Google Fiber in our area using 2000+ people and glow sticks.

We are an up and coming community, and though our city is small, we have a lot to say! I've talked to several of my friends and contacts more recently, and there's a lot of excitement about this project. I'll be calling on familiar faces and strangers alike to help dig up some seldom heard stories, history, photo-locations, and personas.

I know there isn't a price or release date for Google Glasses yet, but once I have an idea of when they'll be sold and for how much, I can start allocating my funds toward a pair. From everything I've seen so far, they're going to be an invaluable tool to accomplish 1,001.

Thanks for hearing me rant!
+Google Glasses I want to be a part because I totally love this project. It's the most awesome thing I've seen in a long time. It offers so much potential and really the possibility to change our lives.
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