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Gary Goodin, Esq.
Gary D. Goodin, Esq | Las Vegas Immigration Lawyer
Gary D. Goodin, Esq | Las Vegas Immigration Lawyer

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In Honor of Prince,  a fine American singer-songwriter.

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The immigrant's journey. Each immigrant has a unique and interesting story.
The Journey Continues…

Dear Friends,

My life has been a dream journey. From a little boy growing up in the Himalayas dreaming of the Star Trek computer, to an immigrant who came to the United States with two suitcases and not much else, to the person responsible for Search at Google, every turn has enriched me and made me a better person.

As I entered the fifteenth year of working at Google, I've been asking myself the question, "what would you want to do for the next fifteen?" The answer has overwhelmingly been: give back to others. It has always been a priority for me to give back to people who are less fortunate, and make time for my family amidst competing work constraints--but on both fronts, I simply want to give and do more.

Now is a good time to make this important life change. Things are in amazing shape. Search is stronger than ever, and will only get better in the hands of an outstanding set of senior leaders who are already running the show day-to-day.

It fills me with pride to see what we have built in the last fifteen years. Search has transformed people’s lives; over a billion people rely on us. Our mission of empowering people with information and the impact it has had on this world cannot be overstated. When I started, who would have imagined that in a short period of fifteen years, we would tap a button, ask Google anything and get the answer. Today, it has become second nature to us. My dream Star Trek computer is becoming a reality, and it is far better than what I ever imagined.

I love Google. It is a company that believes in doing the right thing, a company that believes in doing good in the world, a company… that cares. I look back at my time here with a profound sense of gratitude that I was a part of building this. Now, with pride, gratitude, and joy in my heart, I need to define my next fifteen years. I am eager to see what kind of impact I can make philanthropically, and of course, to spend more time with my family--especially with my wife who I miss spending time with given our incredibly busy lives, and our son who will go to college soon, leaving an empty nest behind.

Feb 26 will be my last day at Google. My relationships are the most important thing I’ve accumulated in life and I’d love for that to continue. Please do drop me a line occasionally and we can have a cup of tea.

As Chief Si’ahl said “Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints!” I am taking so many fond memories with me, and hopefully I’ve left a small footprint here.

With Love,

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Here comes Kryptonite for Trump. The 10 Reasons way Bernie Sanders may become our next President.

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Celebrating the music and life of a great British musician David Bowie. His music was the best and meant a great deal to so many people around world.

One 7 years old said "He left for heaven and did not tell us he was going." God bless David Bowie.

China Girl
Under Pressure
Let's Dance

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Reviews by former clients of Goodin Law P.A.

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How to ensure you keep your green card even if the marriage with the US petitioner breakdown.

Goodin Law P.A. selected by Three Best Rated website as a top 3 best immigration lawyers in Las Vegas. The selection was based on customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and their general excellence.

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A surprisingly good deal with Iran. A triumph for diplomacy.

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Tips on how to make an effective oral presentation to a group by Author Akasha Karia.

Embrace Authenticity. Humans were not meant to be perfect. However we can be authentic and create real connections with real people. Take a listen .

Shared from my favorite radio station on the planet Talk Radio 702 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Gary Goodin

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Politico reports that U.S. District for the District of Arizona, Judge Beryll Howell has ruled that the President did not exceed his constitutional power by taking executive action on immigration for a broad class of persons that may run into the millions. The court accepted the government's argument that executive action on immigration, albeit for a broad class, is within the prosecutorial discretion (priority setting) of the executive branch of the government.

Judge Beryl Howell in dismissing the challenged by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio reasoned that it is not the proper role of the court to address generalized grievances. The court's decision was appealed.
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