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Good Ideas, Great Tips and Absolute Craftiness!
Good Ideas, Great Tips and Absolute Craftiness!

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Awesome holiday cookie recipe!

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I'm in the Top 10!

If you missed my last update, I am running and gunning to win a package of Mac stuff and am in the top 10. The contest is won by referring bloggers to Social Spark, which is a program run by social media company IZEA that connects advertisers with bloggers.

In English.... you make money by writing blog posts!

There's only two days left, today being one of them. If you have a blog and want to make money with it, sign up here and help me out in the contest!

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Attention Bloggers!

IZEA is looking for you. They connect advertisers with publishers like you. Publishers like T-Mobile, Walgreens and other big named companies are looking for bloggers who will write reviews about their products and services.

Monetize your blog with IZEA's great service, Social Spark.

All you have to do is:
1 - Submit your blog for review
2 - Wait for them to offer you leads
3 - Then choose the ones you want to write about.

So simple!

Submit your blog today!
Here's the link:

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Make money blogging! Write sponsored reviews for high quality advertisers such as General Dollar, Walgreens and Scott's. Set your own price per post. It's extremely simple. Check it out here

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We're finally on Google+! There are so many awesomely awesome social networking sites out there these days. Between Pinterest and Facebook, there seems to be little time for much else. But we can't ignore Google. So here we are. I'm looking forward to connecting with all of you do-it-yourselfers and crafters!

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