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If you still think that the BBC licence fee is poor value for money, read this. Consider what you get for what you pay (plus all those things that it pays for that others care about even if you don't) and how British (and World) culture is immeasurably enriched by what it has wrought. And then think what British TV (and radio, and the internet) would be like without the BBC and weep for all those countries that don't have one.
Last week, the word on the street was that the BBC was considering charging users to access archived content on iPlayer. The proposed new system would mean that iPlayer would still ...
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+Chris Gare- if everything was left up to individual choice there would be nothing left to make Britain a viable nation: NHS, roads, police force, take your pick. Even the comms network that enables you to play with your xbox online was put in the ground by a publicly owned entity which was subsequently privatised. It's nevertheless your choice to vote (assuming you're entitled to) for a party that wants to do away with the BBC as it stands. Again, I think I've made it clear that it would be a poor choice in my opinion, given all the benefits the BBC has brought (and continues to bring) to Britain.

As regards impartiality, I think they make a pretty good go of it. For years, every political party, whether in government or opposition, has complained about bias in the BBC. This suggests they're actually pretty good at it! Again, you just have to look at the quality of broadcasting in other nations to see that in this respect at least, Britain is better off.
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