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I don't claim to know much about Android app development, but it seems to me that feedly is only faking the adoption of Material Design features. By now plenty of apps have adopted the new design, and in comparison feedly looks slow and clumsy, kind of like Facebook with its HTML5 menus instead of rendering them natively. I look at apps like Amaze File Manager, Sync for reddit, Pocket, Google+, Inbox (among many others), and it's clear to me that something is wrong with the way feedly renders stuff on the screen. I'm on a Nexus 9, version 26 of feedly and every transition between screens is flickery and unpolished, and it has been this way in every version ever since Lollipop came out. I have my hopes set on the upcoming Material Design update for Press.
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Feedly team is not faking it. The material design layout will come out in stages over the year. The process has just begun..
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Is it safe yet to say that the rumors about today's release were spectacularly wrong?
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Rumor is that the nexus 5 is already launched in Atlantis, and reviews are coming in via Morse code. 
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Anybody here using running apps, like RunKeeper or Endomondo? I'm getting very inaccurate GPS readings on my routes, which end up looking like I've been running on top of the houses around my neighborhood. I'm wondering if anybody is experiencing this issue and if there are any solutions out there.
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The app looks glitchy on the Nexus 9, specifically during transitions when opening and closing articles. Also the settings screen still has that ancient Android 2.3 look. Looking forward to a big refresh.

The desktop experience is absolutely flawless though.
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I just updated (and cleared data), and its only a little better than before. The fade out animation when going back to the item list from an article is still a blocky mess.
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4.3 has been working great on my 2012 Nexus 7, very smooth and responsive. One minor nag I have is that it doesn't seem to be using the new TRIM function at all.

I've tried looking at the logcat output after an all-night charge and after a few hours with an 80%+ charge (which I understand should trigger the trimming), on multiple occasions, and there was never any sign of fstrim activity. I flashed the 4.3 OTA manually and my device is unrooted and locked, although that shouldn't make any difference.

Anybody else having this issue?
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Did you check your gyroscope sensor.. We found a bug in the 4.3 update.. The gyroscope keeps on giving unstable output
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Google's new Nexus 7 tablet leaks again in press shots
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+Joe Lavery Faulty thinking indeed...
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