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Gonçalo Silva

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[New on the Blog!] Systemist: A modern productivity workflow - How the founder and CEO of +Todoist uses Todoist to get things done. 

#todoist #productivity #gtd 
Todoist CEO and founder Amir Salihedendic shares the personal workflow he's used to build a remote company to 50 employees without feeling overwhelmed.
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Gonçalo Silva

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+Todoist 2014 Year in Review and 2015 Plans shared by CEO & Founder of +Todoist +Amir Salihefendic

How it all stared in 2007 + Some of our most important accomplishments for 2014 + What we have planned for 2015 + Your very own, personalized +Todoist Year in Review.

#productivity   #todoist   #yearinreview  #infographic
2014 was a huge year for Todoist, but we believe 2015 will be much bigger. Get a sneak peek of our upcoming plans and see your personal year in review!
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Gonçalo Silva

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A new cut of Roboto

One of the key principles in #materialdesign is One adaptive design, or that a single underlying design system organizes interaction and space across devices. And since type plays such a crucial role in cross-platform design, we’ve extensively refined Roboto, a UI-focused typeface we introduced with Android 4.0, to make sure it looks great across a wider set of platforms.

The new version of Roboto is slightly wider and rounder, giving it greater clarity and making it more optimistic. We calmed down some of the more unruly characters like ‘K’ and ‘R’ and rounded out the squarish sides on the caps, along with the dots in the punctuation and the diacritical marks. We reworked all the italics with better optical correction to the diagonal strokes so the stem widths are the same. We also completely redrew the numbers.

We ended up polishing and tuning nearly every single glyph in Roboto and Roboto Condensed, along with spacing and metrics. The result is a more versatile typeface that looks great on any screen, from the smallest wearables to the largest TVs.

Download the new Roboto:

For more on the new typeface, watch +Christian Robertson, Roboto's lead designer, introduce it at #io14Google I/O 2014 - Material design: Visual style and imagery

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Gonçalo Silva

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This is likely the only "smartwatch" I've seen so far that doesn't look like complete crap. Stylish!

More details:
It's time a watch told you more than just the time. #Moto360  
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Gonçalo Silva

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Simple. Beautiful. Powerful.

Todoist 2.0 is the best Android to-do app we've created and it's available on the PlayStore today:

We're sure you'll love it and we hope it will help you accomplish your dreams.
Todoist 2.0 is the best Android to-do app we've created. Manage your tasks, sub-tasks, projects, add task reminders, use live task search and more.
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Gonçalo Silva

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If you're an Android developer using a Mac and have Alfred 2, check this out:

It's a nifty workflow that adds the "ad" keyword for you to search the Android class and XML references directly in Alfred ;-) Pretty similar to +Roman Nurik's Android SDK Reference Search chrome extension.
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Really excited that you managed to get this to work on Alfred though it no longer works – Any chance it could be updated?
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Gonçalo Silva

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Slaying group projects with the new collaborator feature on the fully redesigned Todoist.
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Gonçalo Silva

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Switching to Inbox

When I got my Inbox invite two weeks ago I found it overwhelming. Good looks, but too much noise. I struggled with it for a few days, going back and forth between Inbox and Gmail. I could see the potential, but something was missing.

I'm now only using Inbox and loving it. These were the steps that finally sold it to me.

1. Archive ALL the things!

The first step is archiving everything. Just head to Gmail, select "All mail", mark all conversations and press archive. If you have a ton of email, you'll probably be locked out for a few minutes (don't worry).

If you have important emails you want to keep around, star them. Inbox loses all state when you archive everything, but you can easily retrieve starred emails through Gmail: just move them again to the Inbox.

2. Create labels

Your Inbox should now look clean. The next logically step is to create some labels for the emails you get regularly that don't fit in Inbox's regular labels.

One example are bug reports from the apps I work on. I've created a label for these, and added appropriate filters such as the sender email and the subject. Currently I have 4 custom labels.

3. Less important email arrives once a day

Inbox allows you to receive emails from certain labels only once a day (or once a week, though I never use this). This helps clearing the noise throughout the day. In my case, I'm not too interested in Social, Forums and Promos. These only arrive daily at 7AM.

4. Use Inbox's features

This one is straightforward: use Inbox's features. There are many sides to this. For one, snooze stuff. It's one of the core features and once you start using it, you won't look back. Another is about teaching it. For the first few days I used "Move to label" and "Remove from label" options whenever I noticed an email in a wrong label. After a few days, the mistakes are much less frequent.

5. Inbox is not Gmail

Inbox is not Gmail, and it doesn't attempt to be. It's a different approach to the same problem: taming email. By marking things as done, snoozing them for better times and labelling them, it makes it easier to reach the end of the week with a sane Inbox. You'll have to adjust your habits to fit the new system. We hate change, but I can guarantee you'll love the results if you give it a proper shot. Enjoy!

I have one Inbox invite. Just leave a comment if you need one. I'll pick one randomly by the end of the day.
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I'm curious, is there a way to integrate Todoist with Inbox, via extension?
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Gonçalo Silva

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Uff, ok, I guess I'll keep running mines. Congrats and thanks!
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Gonçalo Silva

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For those interested in Arduino, here's a very complete and affordable kit:

Lessons are included, so I'm guessing there's no need for prior experience :-)
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Gonçalo Silva

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What a spectacular show.
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Gonçalo Silva

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#Android   #Programming   #Protip

Recently I added Google's Navigation Drawer to +Todoist.

When I checked the overdraw, it scared the hell out of me:

3 things came to mind:
- Our in-house implementation behaved much better concerning overdraw
- DrawerLayout shouldn't draw the stuff behind the drawer, since its background is opaque and it has an optimization for it (check its drawChild method)

After some head-scratching and digging, the culprit was found: NoSaveStateFrameLayout. If you're using the support FragmentManager, it'll add one around your fragment's view. Since this thing has no background, DrawerLayout doesn't consider it opaque, despite only having a single child with an opaque background whose width/height is MATCH_PARENT.

Until Google looks into this, here's something you can do if you want to keep this detail restrained: extend DrawerLayout and override its _addView_ method: You should really keep these workarounds where they belong, but in case you don't care you can alternatively account for this behavior in your Fragment by adding the background on its onViewCreated.


I love blue & green.

+Romain Guy +Roman Nurik +Chet Haase
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+Bogdan Zurac Kind of a shame to only see this now, but here goes :) Yes, this approach is still working on the latest version of the support lib. I haven't checked if they fixed it yet, but given how FragmentManager works I highly doubt it.
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