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Eid Mubarak from #GoldmoharEdibleOils
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Eid Special Sheer Khurma Recipe from #Goldmohar #Sunflower #Oil as #Healthcomesfirst


1 litre milk
100 gms/1 cup broken vermicelli/seviyan
3 tbsp ghee
1 cup/ 2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp condensed milk/milkmaid
8-9 vertically sliced almonds
8-9 vertically sliced cashewnuts
8-9 vertically sliced pistachios
5-6 deseeded chopped dates/khajoor
½ tsp cardamom powder


How To Slice Dry Fruits For Sheer Khurma:

Inorder to slice the almonds, soak them in water or boil them in water then peel off the skin and slice the almonds.
Boil the cashewnuts and slice them .
Similarly pista or pistachios can be boiled and sliced.
This way the dry fruits can be chopped easily.
How To Make Sheer Khurma:

1.Take a sauce pan, add ghee to it and heat it.
2.Break the vermicelli and add into the heated ghee, on sim flame saute vermicelli/seviyan till it gets golden brown.
3.Stirring is important while we saute them.
4.Keep the sauteed / fried vermicelli aside.
5.If there is excess ghee then strain the fried vermicelli.
6.In the same sauce pan, add ghee, add sliced almonds and saute slightly and keep aside.
7.Add sliced cashews into the same sauce pan, saute slightly and keep aside .
8.Saute pistachios in ghee as well and keep aside.
9.You can saute dates if you wish to.
10.In a separate vessel or cooking pot boil the milk.
11.Into the milk, add fried vermicelli and let it cook for few seconds on sim flame till the vermicelli becomes soft.
12.Add sugar, add condensed milk as well and cook for few minutes.
13.Do not stir much else the vermicelli will not be visible.
14.Taste it, add sugar if required.
15.Add fried almonds,fried cashews, fried pistachios.
16.Finally add cardamom powder, stir it and switch off the flame.
17.Serve hot sheer khurma in dessert bowls and garnish with ghee, dry fruits and dates and enjoy!!!!

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#Goldmohar #Sunflower #Oil Health Tip of the Day!!!
Eat 10-12 Almonds, the equivalent of two aspirins, for a migraine headache!
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#Goldmohar #Sunflower #Oil has an Ideal Combination of good fats with low saturated fat levels.
Available now at your near stores @ ‪#Vijetha‬,‪#Metro‬,‪#BigBasket,‪#Heritagefresh‬,‪#Ratnadeep‬ and ‪#UshodayaSupermarkets.
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Ramdan Special #Haleem Recipe from #Goldmohar #Sunflower #Oil as #Healthcomesfirst


1/2 kg broken Wheat
1kg Chicken
1/4 Cup Chana Dal
1/4 cup Moong Dal
1/4 cup Urad Dal
1/4 cup Masoor Dal
2cups brown Onion( barista)
2cup Curd
2table spoon Red Chilli powder
2tablespoon Coriander powder
1tablespoon garam Masala
3-4 table spoon Ginger garlic paste
1small bunch Mint leaves
1small bunch Coriander leaves
5-6 Green Chillies
3-4 table spoon Oil
3-4 tablespoon Ghee
Salt to taste


Wash and soak broken wheat in water for 3-4 hours.
Wash and soak all the lentils.
Wash the chicken.
In a bowl take chicken add ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder,salt and curd.
Keep marination for 20-30 minutes
Meanwhile boil broken wheat in cooker with little turmeric oil and salt, take 2 whistle.
Take it out and let it cool.
In same cooker boil lentils with turmeric salt and oil.
Let it cool
Grind the broken wheat in mixie jar to the smooth paste
Grind lentil also to the fine paste.
In a kadai heat oil add chicken saute for 2-3 minutes
Now add red chilli powder, coriander powder garam masala powder, chopped mint leaves coriander leaves and crushed fried onion.
Let it cook till soft
Add green chillies.
Once done let it cool
Take chicken pieces and remove bones from the chicken
Take a big vessel add cooked chicken masala, mix broken wheat and lentil mixture.
Mix properly.
Check seasoning
On top add ghee garnish with mint leaves, coriander leaves fried onion.
Keep it on dum
Once done serve with mint leaves, coriander leaves brown onion and slice of lemon.

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#Goldmohar #Sunflower oil is one of the best oil for cooking. Now Refined Sunflower Oil available
@ ‪#Vijetha‬,‪#Metro‬,‪#BigBasket,‪#Heritagefresh‬,‪#Ratnadeep‬ and ‪#UshodayaSupermarkets.
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#Goldmohar #Sunflower #Oil cooking Tip of the Day!!!
To make your vegetables look fresh, simply place them in cold water, add a few drops of lemon to it and leave them 15 minutes.
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#Goldmohar #Sunflower #Oil contains Mouth watering Natural flavours with healthy nutrients too.
Available now at your near stores @ ‪#Vijetha‬,‪#Metro‬,‪#BigBasket,‪#Heritagefresh‬,‪#Ratnadeep‬ and ‪#UshodayaSupermarkets.
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Yummy Yummy Mango Milkshake recipe from #GoldMohar #Sunflower #Oil is here!

2 ripe Mangoes (peeled)
¼ liter Milk
5 tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Ghee
10 Ice Cubes (crushed)

How to make Mango Milkshake:

Slice mangoes into big pieces.
Blend them with sugar in a blender forming fine puree.
Add ice cubes, milk, and ghee. Blend well.
Serve chilled.

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People did you know!
#Sunflower #Oil from #Goldmoharoils helps keep your blood vessels from narrowing
Available now at your near stores @ ‪#Vijetha‬,‪#Metro‬,‪#BigBasket,‪#Heritagefresh‬,‪#Ratnadeep‬ and ‪#UshodayaSupermarkets.
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