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Want to speak to someone over the phone or in person about home care services? Click the link below to our new online site where you can schedule a time at your own convenience to speak with a Golden Years Care Coordinator.

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We want everybody to enjoy the Holidays, especially our seniors. Here are some great tips!

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Keeping seniors happy is crucial to their health. Here's some great tips to remember. We love our seniors!

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Things to take into consideration.

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Interesting facts.

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Christmas In July Special !!!

Golden years is excited about a new season. A new season always represents a new thing. Our philosophy is making sure we continue to provide the best care possible to our clients, while continuing to offer new and fun idea’s that better the senior’s livelihood. We believe life should be celebrated every day in a special way. After all, our company name, Golden Years, represents living the good life even as the senior continues to age and requires assistance at home.

Our clients like their independence, and especially enjoy doing what they like best from the comfort of their home. As they say, “There’s no place like home. We all like living independently, and this is why we take great pleasure in helping seniors who would rather receive care at home.
July is independence month; the month we remember the fantastic freedom we all hold so dear. Many of the seniors we serve contributed to the independence we share today. The American flag is our symbol of freedom. With this in mind, Golden years supports helping every senor to embrace liberty and freedom that comes through maintaining independence at home

With summer quickly approaching, our staff is preparing to celebrate independence in a new way. Just as Independence Day is about celebrating our freedom, one must not forget that freedom is a gift. A gift is something that is freely given and freely received, but not necessarily without cost. If you think about what freedom really means, it is a gift that was given sacrificially. And as we all know, our freedom was not without sacrifice.
This month we want to give back to our seniors by celebrating Christmas in July. And who doesn’t like Christmas? It may not be cold outside, but the gift of independence is burning hot on the inside of every senior. Since Christmas and Independence Day are both about giving, we thought this idea of celebrating Christmas in July would be a great way sharing the gift of independence with the seniors we love and appreciate.

We like giving because giving is as important as receiving. When you give it always comes back. It could be a smile of appreciation, a comment of gratitude, or one of the seniors we serve telling another of the great care they have received. When this happens we receive by being gifted with another opportunity to help one more senior. It’s such a blessing to be able to provide a service to someone that contributes to a better quality of living. As far as we are concerned, If we can help a senior remain independent at home another day, it’s a day of celebration.

As we celebrate Christmas in July, we are giving 5% off the first month of new care services for every senior who begins care with Golden Years through the month of July. No coupon is required. When you call, just tell the care coordinator you heard about the Christmas in July special and receive your Independence gift. 
 (916) 333-0383 or go to:

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Download this free home safety checklist to keep your loved ones safe in their homes!

Caring for an aging loved one is an important issue. As a senior continues to age there are changes that will take place, which often times, are subtle and easy to miss. A routine visit to the doctor is a wonderful way to make sure all is well, but may not be enough to detect all that might be going on physically and emotionally in the life of the senior. Although a doctor has been trained to observe  the patients overall wellbeing, most times, there is only a small window of time to speak with the senior or their representative in  determining whether there are needs that should be immediately addressed.
When caring for an elder loved one there are increasing needs too. One day they may be doing great, but the next day they may be feeling weak. Today they may have a great appetite, and tomorrow they don’t fell like eating at all. There are so many variables that go into making sure the senior has all they need.
Have you ever noticed a change in your physical or emotional condition that you couldn’t quite explain? You knew something wasn’t right but the reason for the abnormality eluded you. This has happened to everyone at one time or another during the course of their life. Most people manage through it as the symptoms dissipate, but I think you’ll agree, not knowing what’s happening on the inside and not knowing what to do about it can be an uneasy feeling. This experience is much more difficult for seniors than those who are younger.
Many times, the senior is unable to articulate the need or may be unaware of any particular problem. It could be that they just don’t feel well. As the care provider, knowing how to best address these issues may not be so obvious. Your loved one may not require a doctor, but having someone around who has a little more experience caring for the elderly may be helpful.
At Golden Years In-Home Senior Care we have the experience needed to provide care for your loved one. All of our care givers have a medical background, most of them having been certified as a certified nursing assistant. Our care givers have been trained to notice the symptoms and have a remedy before the need is immediately noticed by the untrained eye.
If you or your loved one is experiencing inconsistent or abnormal health, and you know things are not quite the way they are supposed to be, call a care professional. This is the first step to restored healthy living. Our Care Specialists are ready to help with all your daily needs such as: supervision, personal hygiene, companionship, transportation to your desired location, meal preparation, medication reminders, daily observation of health, light housekeeping and much more. Click the link to view all our care services:
Golden Years is available to assist for a few hours a day or 24 hours if needed. Go to or call 916-333-0383 TODAY for a FREE No Obligation Consultation!
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