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I <3 SlideShare! I'm just not good at videos - not yet. SlideShare always looks so professional and presents so well in my web site. Do you use SlideShare? What are some of your tips for SlideShare newbies?
Because SlideShare offers marketers an incredible ROI, it’s time that you should start creating awesome presentations that will engage your customers.
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Great tips for a LinkedIn profile. The LinkedIn profile is a powerful tool. The more you know about it - the better your chances. #socialmediatips #socialmediamanager
Recruiters across Canada use LinkedIn to fill job vacancies. These tips will make your profile scream, ‘Hire me!’
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Do you struggle with social media? Do you have few results? There are no cookie-cutter clients in my world so together we mastermind the right plan in place that is developed for your small business.
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Deep learning. A new topic to explore. Fascinating!
As deep learning continues gathering steam among researchers, entrepreneurs and the press, there’s a loud-and-getting-louder debate about whether its algorithms actually operate like the human brain does. The comparison might not make much of a difference to developers who just want to build applications that can identify objects or predict the next word you’ll text, but it…
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Ad: Check out our review of Elegant Themes, and why we think it's the best theme club around.
Amazingly beautiful Premium WordPress Themes coupled with advanced functionality and awesome support.
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Online Space Game Aims to help teens learn STEM principles. Wow! Very Kul!!!
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Thanks for this product
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With 15 years of online marketing experience and six years as the Chief Possibility Officer through my own entrepreneurial efforts, I work for you and with you as your personal social media #manager. To give the best service possible, I only commit to six to eight clients each month. Check me out!
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Awww!!! I remember when I made my first birthday cake for my first child. It was shaped like a daisy. #memories
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Join me on LifeKeys.Biz Social Media Uni Verse
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I want to go back to school - the third grade to be exact. What a cool teacher these kids have. I am impressed. You know, there are teachers who do a job and there are teachers who teach. This guy teaches.
When it comes to anything of value, we all know it’s important to start ’em young. And that’s exactly what one teacher is doing with a completely ‘fro
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Do you use a child theme for your WordPress site? When you do, it makes updates to your theme soooooo much easier :) This article will help you learn how to create and use your child theme.
According to our recent WordPress Themes Survey, 85% of our customers customize their themes, and only 35% use a child theme when doing so. This may be due to a lack of understanding as to what a child theme is, or due to the perceived difficulty of creating one. In this tutorial, we will go over how to...
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How NASA uses quantum computing for space travel and robotics. Neat!
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Social Media Manager
Service oriented, dependable professional attuned to meeting high expectations. Instrumental in keeping work flow going so products are on time. Amicable, especially under pressure. Enormous capacity for learning new information and willingness to help wherever needed.

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o Social Media Optimization for WordPress sites.
o Search Engine Optimization for WordPress sites.
o Provide WordPress site maintenance and update.
o Provide technical support for end users.
o Design and manage database applications.

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o Design graphics for social media.
o Design layouts for presentations.
o Design graphics for web sites.
o Create new Web sites (see software below).

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o Peer training and mediation.
o Excellent multitasking skills.
o Record-keeping and reporting.
o Project management.

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o WordPress Set Up, Maintenance, SMO, SEO
o Ning 3.0 Design, Set Up and Administration
o MS Office Professional 2013
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o Adobe Professional 11X

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