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Free WordPress plugin for seo audit
Free WordPress plugin for seo audit


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12 Awesome Content Marketing Ideas...That Aren't Blog Posts infographic

This infographic from +Oracle Marketing Cloud illustrates 12 creative media formats that can make your brand’s story stand out from the blogging sphere.

See the larger image here:

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A beautiful home page, that people may or may not find, can damage to seo of other ranking pages
Now that's we have concluded after this simple experiment.

Collecting 400+ wordpress websites we created 19 sets and checked their Google insight performance. As it is plotted bellow, you can see home page design quality is poorer than normal single pages.

In my experience that's common thing, and happens due to fancy #template  used for home page. But that's fine as we don't expect it to rank high. But...

there is problem with one design error, which uses extra files (css and js of homepage) in every page. Considerably increasing page load time and creating poor #userexperience .
It more frequently happens to sites with content management systems than static sites.

It's really a very common case of design ignorance, which blatantly hits on #seo . 2 more things :
1. Here, we used Google pagespeed insight tool.
2. We actually wrote an article few months ago on this issues. Hope this will help too :

Views of this design community will be helpful.

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Do you know, that a fancy #webdesign  can cost in terms of #seo  ?

In last 5 months our website had large number of referrals traffic from wordpress websites. We investigated top 400+ from the list and found out something interesting :

It may sound little technical but generally speaking :
A beauty of home page, that people may or may not find is causing damage to seo of ranking pages

Many websites make a silly design error of using page resources (css and js) generally throughout the website. They use some extra files to beautify homepage and landing pages...
And attach them to every other pages too. Thus hampering speed, user experience and in-turn seo. This problem is prominent in dynamic and cms maintained #webtemplates  as they use common header and footer files.

We made sets of such websites of variable alexa rank 8000+ to 16000000+ and different types. Then checked their performance with Google insight tool. See the result bellow. It clearly shows home page design quality is poorer than normal single pages.
Single page could have performed much better without those excess files.

We had a blog post on october 1. It deals with this issue :
You can find a solution there.

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Matt Cutts says : Guest Bloging is Dead.
OK ! but host #blogging  is not because you still use it as ranking machine. Right?
So, whatever #cms  you should chose for your blog, It will have following search optimization impacts...

Lots of things are dependent on content management system.

1. URL : Beware of dynamic urls. Use static urls without any parameters instead.

2. Readability : Ensure scripts are not blocking rendering. That means the webpage content should not be displayed through a javascript frame. There should be pure markup.

3. Editable tags : Title, meta, link tags should be editable for any webpage. Also, "rel", "title", "alt" attributes of "a" and "img" tag must have editable options. Don't forget the main body whch needs to have an hierarchy of h1, h2, p, span etc.

Lastly, you must know how this type of software works. The picture at bottom is meant for that. Whole #seo  is limited to last step where the pages are generated.

So, what cms you use or should use? For me it is #wordpress .

On page seo tutorial :

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To make web pages more and more contextual and aligned with semantic search. I find user orientation is the key. The question is :

I just saw posts by
+Iwebcreations and +SEO and thought to put my note on it.

For me it is dealt with 1 question alone. That is : "Is my page content doing great service for users?"
We can take #googleguidelines  for understanding #usability  of page content. Here are 3 points standing crystal clear.

1. Focus : Content created with focus on users.
2. Accuracy : What was created, must be accurate and backed up by data and references.
3. Clarity : Finally present it with clarity and in a comprehensive way.

So, what does it all have to do with #optimization  ? Here is the thing, as Google shifts towards #semanticsearch  it is actually trying to find more and more context in content. Without these 3 points you can not find out synchronization between what user wants and you provide.

It is valuable to do more and more research in this field which excessively uses physiology and human computer interaction study. Hope you people will come up with some more ideas too.

For reference, here is a link to compact seo tutorial :

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Dig deep into your #webdesign  and see if it is following #googleguidelines  or not.
For details : we calculate and check your page and resources sizes, inline css or js, nested tables,@imports, http requests, element style tags and html errors to check browser compatibility.
When you design something you must not violet any of the rules set by google.
Objective of the free tool is to take note of those points. It's built for designers, who care about #optimization
Make full use of it. Don't forget to give feedback. It will help us to upgrade.

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To reduce your work load
I am not a web designer. But I made a free online tool that compresses css. Now here I'm announcing it just because...
It's a free tool, built for you and you'll love it.

Please provide feedback.

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So, here is a tool - free, online and simply made for everybody with a link.
It crawls the content and judges various elementary aspects of text, links and images.

You may use it to quickly check if your page covers all the stuff or not.
I am posting it here as I would like to have feedback.

So, FEEDBACK PLEASE. Good or Bad. Tell me how can I improve it.

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Must read for website owners
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