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Goggles Music Manager 1.1.8

- Fix: resize (if needed) icons from external icon themes on start up
- Fix: set default sort column for podcasts to date.
- Fix: typo in ifdef


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Goggles Music Manager 1.1.7

- Sort albums by album-artists when displaying covers
- Add commandline option to refresh podcast feeds
- Add the ability to build with static FOX library
- Fix covercache loading with FOX-1.7.57
- Regenerate covercache if supported file format has changed in FOX library.
- gap: refactor input plugins using new iocontext
- gap: remove unimplemented smb plugin


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Goggles Music Manager 1.1.6

- https support with OpenSSL or GnuTLS.
- http(s) gzip support.
- Local Source: only list playback supported formats
- New import option to exclude any files that cannot be played back.
- Moved exclude import filters to its own tab.
- cmake: added more options to enable/disable plugins during compilation
- gap: refactor decoder and reader plugins
- Fix: refresh path lut if needed.
- Fix: reset scroll position when loading new lyrics
- Fix: show audio device options when using mousewheel or keys to change driver
- Fix: tiptext for album list items in case when information is missing
- Fix: incorrect access check in socket.
- Fix: volume icon in miniplayer didn't get updated on icon theme change
- Fix: init directory in open dialog for Play File or Stream


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Goggles Music Manager 1.1.5

This is a critical bug fix release for 1.1.4.

- Fix lyrics column not being created on first run.
- Fix import writing lyrics to the wrong column.

Ubuntu packages for Goggles Music Manager 1.1.4 have been updated. However Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily) is no longer supported since launchpad no longer allows backports for that version.

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Goggles Music Manager 1.1.4

- Lyrics support
- Matroska playback (only) support
- Refactor Vorbis / Opus / AAC decoders to support matroska
- Optimizations to Ogg based decoders should use less memory
- Refactor text converter and renamer
- Refactor socket io for improved win32 support
- FOX 1.7.57 compatibility
- fix: minor changes to api for text compose/decompose which broke filename formatter.
- fix: Renaming filename preview dialog now correctly converts non-Ascii/UTF-8 back to UTF-8. - fix: Don't substitute & for && when displaying track in title bar


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Goggles Music Manager 1.1.3

- Fix deadlock in get_decoder_packet and replace pop_if/wait with wait_for
- Fix missing config option for tremor.

New package for Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty) should be available as well.

Goggles Music Manager 1.1.2

- Fix missing option No Resample in alsa output plugin


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Goggles Music Manager 1.1.1

- Fix detection of newer kde desktop sessions.
- Replace gogglesmm native dbus interface with mpris v2.
- Implement missing functionality in mpris v2.
- gap: fix file input to handle file:// uri scheme
- gap: fix aac stream decoder errors when input buffer is too small
- rss: check for updated cover art image
- http: force mimetype to be lower case.
- http: reset dir on IO after reading last header in chunked response.
- Remove remaining lirc functionality.
- Remove (broken) AppStatus notification implementation.
- Remove unused settings.


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Goggles Music Manager 1.0.18

- ALAC codec support (mp4 container).
- add hashbang to installed python scripts
- fix vorbis comment parsing
- fix opus filetype detection during import.
- remove debug statements during release builds.
- cmake: fix reverse check for DESTDIR
- cmake: build mp4 reader when faad is enabled

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