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Free Grants Community - Win Your Part of the Billions of Dollars Awarded in Government Grants Each Year
Free Grants Community - Win Your Part of the Billions of Dollars Awarded in Government Grants Each Year

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Women: Need Money For Your Business?

Whether it's something you're dreaming about or a venture you've already started, you may have noticed that it's harder for women to find funding for business than it is for men. Not good! Fortunately the government as well as private organizations and some businesses are working to change that. Take a look at grants and other resources that could help make your dreams come true:

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Interested in the Government as Your Small Business Customer?

You should be! They have a special focus on opportunities for small businesses and encourage these relationships. They also make it pretty easy to search for opportunities that could mean a lot to your cash flow. Get more detail and some great tips in this review of the Federal Business Opportunities website:

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Best Free Grant Ever

And you don't even have to compete for it! You qualify based on your income -- or lack thereof. This is the only grant we know have where you do just fill out the application, and you could receive an award of almost $6000 to help pay for school. Do not ignore this, find out more now:

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Do you dream of starting a farm? How about winning one?!

And there are plenty of people and programs to help you get into farming. ! The number of farmers has been dwindling and the Department of Agriculture wants to turn that around. So there are grants, loans and programs that can help you get started, financially and training-wise. Maybe 2017 is your year: it starts with an update about a beautiful organic farm you could win just by writing the best essay. Ready to start a new life? Check out Grants for Farms:

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Need Money For Your Business?

Ever heard of microfinancing? It can be an awesome way for you to get the funds and even the business know-how you need to get your new business up and running --- especially if you don't have a banking relation ship or even much money! Check it out:

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Interested in a Government job?

Though things may change with the new administration, there are still lots of government jobs. And they range from entry level jobs to senior executive positions. They've also made it easy to look for and apply for jobs -- and lots of them are not in Washington DC. Discover more here:

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February Free Money News

Hey February is a short month, already more than half over! Don't miss the current issue of Free Money News with news and tips for business (including highlights for black and women business entrepreneurs), education, housing and more:

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The Best Valentines Gift: A New House!

Think it can't happen? Think again! There are all kinds of good deals out there at this slow time of year (less competition!). And there are also lots of programs that will help you get into that new home. Discover more here:

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Businesses: Is Crowdfunding for You?

While businesses have used crowdfunding for several years, new rules expand the landscape of possibility. There are new "regulated rules" for crowdfunding that let you accept actual investments rather than just donations. And you don't have (quite) as much paperwork and SEC involvement as going for an IPO. Take a look at what's new and what could be for you:

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Yikes, Almost Tax Time Again!

Need help? Now is the time to face it even if you're scared -- maybe especially if you are! The more you put it off the harder it will be to find good, free help. It is available from many different organizations. Check them out before it's too late and too overwhelmed with demand. Take a look at some Free Tax Help you can use:
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