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E3 Systems
A cloud based software provider specailizing in logistics over the web
A cloud based software provider specailizing in logistics over the web

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Disagreement means learning
Listen and Disagree It is invigorating to have back and forth between fellow agile professionals.  It represents the give and take of knowledge between people.  People inevitability disagree about subjects, and the practice of Agile is no different this wee...

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When to Unleash the Kracken
Make sure you mean it! I have called being a Scrum Master many things.   It is a coaching role.  Being a scrum master can resemble being a therapist.  I have even compared being a scrum master to a parish priest.  The job is not easy.  A scrum master has pl...

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Scrum should not be a cargo cult.
Scrum should not be a cargo cult. Blogging about business and scrum opens you up to feedback and criticism.  Confronted by people who challenge your ideas allow you to reflect on your knowledge and beliefs.  A college of mine took offense to me referring to...

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Why we have rituals in scrum
Becoming a scrum master is like becoming a priest I am in the process of training a new scrum master at my office, and they asked why we have so many meetings in Scrum.  This week I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject.   The Scrum Alliance has plenty...

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The Messy Nature of Software Development
Software is messy I have been in the software business for nearly twenty years.  I began as an entry level programmer and made the transition to scrum master and agile coach.  It was not pretty or heroic.  I was a journey filled with personal and profession...

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Explaining being a scrum master to civilians.
A scrum master is a servant-leader One of the things which make working in the 21st century so dispiriting is most people cannot easily describe the work they do.  During the middle ages, people were farmers, blacksmiths, nobles or merchants.  The roles and...

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Continuous improvement is a scrum master job.
Development is a lot like theater One of the greatest things about my job is that I spend numerous hours working with people.  I am learning new things on a constant basis.  I also spend time teaching others how to be better in the workplace.  It is this ba...

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Looking back and forward - 2017
After 2016, I think we all need a tall glass of wine Technology is a dynamic industry.  One moment you can be on top of the world and the next you are like Nokia unable to adapt to market conditions .  This week I am going to take a look at some of my predi...

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Looking back at the people who influenced me.
Inspiration comes from plenty of places. I find inspiration from some of the weirdest places.  I could be watching a Bollywood movie or enjoying one of the many Dune books by Fran Herbert or his son Brian.  I also identify with comedies inspired by former c...

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The Bull has Two Sides
You find lots of strange things online.  This week I turn to the pages of the New Yorker to enjoy a few lessons about web design. Times Square in New York City is receiving a face life to make it more pedestrian friendly.  The work began in 2012 and should ...
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