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Godwin Wong
Not the inventor, but a big believer in Godwin's Law
Not the inventor, but a big believer in Godwin's Law

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Santa Barbara with the kid.  

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I thought Ponzis would have stopped after Madoff. Apparently not...

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I actually am starting to think the judicial branch of our government is the weakest of the three.  I always thought the judicial branch was to serve as a check and balance on the other two.  But then you have judges who acknowledge the laws are poorly written but say they can't do anything about it.  So either they a) really can't do anything about it, which would prove they are the weakest of the three; or b) judges aren't doing their job, which would also prove they are the weakest of the three.

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Merry Christmas!
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Christmas 2013
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Just finished reading Ron Burgundy's book.  I got the leather-bound version which is now sitting in my mahogany bookshelf.  It was quite a rich and compelling read.  I didn't learn quite as much German as I was hoping, but oh well, as they say "When in Rome".  

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Stopping junk mail If this works, whoever made this app deserves a lot of karma.

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Re item #5: Good thing I've been eating ny strip, rib eye, tri tip, rib eye, ribs, lamb chops, ox tail, pulled pork, bacon, pork belly, prosciutto, pancetta, mortadella, andouille...all these years!

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After seeing Karl Malone's and Kobe's picks, here's  my all-time #NBA starting five, but using a hypothetical scenario of:
1. Forming a team to play in today's rules (3 point line, block/charge rules, no three in the key on defense)
2.  Take those players average level of play over their best three-consecutive-year period.

David Robinson

Hakeem, Karl Malone, Duncan, Shaq, and Durant were the tough ones to leave out. But i thought the dual of Kareem and Robinson were best for today's game. (Shaq and Malone might struggle on defense with so much pick and roll with today's rule.  Robinson would create a great twin tower dynamic and was great from 15 feet and driving to the basket). 

That still allows for another really good team to be formed, some combination of
Shaq / Hakeem
Duncan / Malone / Barkley / Russell
Magic / Pippen
Dwayne Wade / Dr J

But I think whatever 2nd team is formed, they can't beat my starting five because the defense won't be there.  I think the second squad might even have to do something unorthodox like go with Pippen at point guard, since Magic would be a complete defensive liability against a Kobe or MJ or Lebron.  
Kobe Bryant was recently asked to pick his all-time NBA starting lineup. Without any hesitation, Kobe picked  Magic, Jordan, Bird, Russel and Abdul-Jabbar.

PLUS: If you like Kobe's selected all-time starting five,
COMMENT: What would your NBA all-time staring lineup be?
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